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2009 Blizzard Viva 7.6 IQ Women's skis--149cm

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Blizzard Viva 7.6 IQ Women's in a 149 with the system bindings in fantastic shape.  Used maybe 10-15 times by a 100% on-piste skier so never needed any base/edge repairs.  I bought my wife longer skis this year so she did not ski these this season.  Help me clean out the garage...$250 + shipping.


I don't think this ski has changed much so current reviews are probably accurate.  This from Ski Magazine at the time:


...the new Viva 7.6 has sturdy sidewalls and Blizzard's IQ binding interface. But instead of a full-wood core, it has foam reinforced with wood. The result is a ski with incredible quickness and integrity that's also lightweight and effortless to turn. What did testers think? They ranked it near the top in every criterion. "Best ski in the category," said Sheinberg. "It will make a solid skier out of even the most timid customers."


The Viva is extraordinary. With top scores in every criterion, Blizzard sweeps the Cruiser category this year. This ski zings with personality without ever being overbearing. It’s extremely easy to ski, but holds a line so unfailingly that you can’t help but go a little faster, a little deeper, a little steeper. And while it will energetically do your bidding—carve trenches or ease through bumps—on one account it won’t budge: This ski will make you have fun. Period. “You will ski well on these,” said Lewis.




Blizzard Viva 7.6 IQ Skis feature a lightweight core and a forward standing position, along with a 76 mm waist for versatility in soft snow and hardpack. The Blizzarde IQ system, Sidewall construction and Powerframe technology offer a high level of performance - and fun - regardless of conditions. The Blizzard Viva 7.6 IQ Ski is the little black dress of skis.

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good ski at a good price but 10 cm too short for my wife. thanks for the PM.

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No problem.  How about 7cm longer?


How about her new ones (she loves them so I'll be in the dog house).  Great shape.  Probably 10-15 days on them.  One base grind (recent), tuned to 1 degree base / 3 degree side.  Waxed every time she took them out.


2011 Nordica Infinite w/ XBI CT 11 (made by Vist) Bindings-156cm.  Like the Blizzards, the binding is easily adjustable for different boot sizes so no drilling necessary.  Same ski as the 2012 with different graphics.


Realskiers.com 2012 "ski of the year":


"Physically lighter than the Victory, but with the same solid feel."

"Awesome fun for a girl who likes to carve turns and hang on to icy slopes."

"Best balance of flex, torsion, and damping on the woman's market. Nimble enough for bumps, stable enough for GS turns at almost any speed and edge grip just shy of an ice pick"


clean carve: 5
smooth drift: 5
accurate: 5
stability: 5

rebound: 5
quickness: 5
lightness: 5
relaxing: 4


From Nordica:


The women's Nordica Infinite skis with bindings open up the entire mountain—frontside and back—to high-speed exploration. Flexible wood core produces a ski that's lightweight and easy to turn, yet provides responsive power on fast descents. Carbon reinforcements improve side-to-side control and damp vibrations at high speeds. Standard camber underfoot grips snow with unyielding tenacity; when weighted during the turn, 100% of the edges contact the snow. X-Balance Central Turn Table (XBi CT) bindings create a large sweet spot with optimal power transmission from tip to tail of skis. Bindings help you stay in control by redistributing pressure created from a loss of balance. Bindings are easy to step into and release consistently thanks to a 2-spring toe piece. Adjustment system accommodates nearly any size boot and can be adjusted quickly and easily.


$335 plus shipping



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