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Summit Co, Vail/BC April 6-12 Trip Report

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Colorado April 2012 141 (Medium).JPGColorado April 2012 194 (Medium).JPGColorado April 2012 197 (Medium).JPGColorado April 2012 116 (Medium).JPGWell, for 6 weeks we kept saying it couldn't last, but it did. The March 2012 snow drought went right into our annual spring visit to Vail.

While the spring corn was just right when you let it cookup enough, the new price-point at Vail Resorts made for some interesting discussion.


April 6th I arrived solo and skied Copper's frozen middle mountain. Temps only made it into the low 40s, but the wind up top was pushing past 50 mph. So after getting up at 1 am MT in FLA, I hit the slopes for my first turns of the year about 12 hrs later.  Best part of the day was my $50 Liftopia pass and the hood of my Columbia shell. Oh yeah, Copper closed all the bowls at the end of the day before, my luck.


That night my buds started rolling into town after my DiGiornos. Skied Vail on saturday, which I had a freebie for. I loaded my Peaks card with 4 additional days for $336. My buddies didn't do as well, they paid $106/day for not booking ahead. Steep considering that only a portion of the front ofthe mountain was open. Riva Ridge wasn't groomed below Mid-Vail, so it was frozen death bumps and cookies. The skiing was fast, but never a line at Northwoods


On sunday we cruised back to Copper for some afternoon SuperBee bomb runs. We closed the mountain with excellent high-speed corn. The cover was deep! .We all agreed the cover was better than Vail's.


Skied a mess o' Breck on monday. Jumped on the T-Bar and worked the Peak 7 runs back into the T-Bar. Shot some video off the back of Peak 7 in the early afternoon, though I might have been a bit late as it was setting-up when I came through.

Imperial had only one line under the lift, and it had a choke-point that is probably long gone by now. Lots of folks were making the hike up and over the the Lakes Chutes area.which had plenty of snow. So I now know how look it takes to make the loop off the top and back to the Peak 8 quads.


Tuesday our bros in Keystone were having the annual picnic a A-Basin, so one of the kids parked early for a spot and the adults slowly gathered around 11 or so. As the locals know, the beach is now a cliff, due to the lack of snow. No one got hurt. The skiing in the gullies was the most fun I've had at the Basin in some time, also the first Patron I've had skiing in some time.


Wednesday it was back to Vail. What a mistake. 12% of the mountain is now open. I renamed mid-Vail to Mud-Vail. it was sad. The lightining at the end of the day chased us off to a quick retreat down the gondola. I'll be writing them for some compensation on ticket costs.


Thursday starts off watching Good Morning Vail, and they annouce that it is official "The Worst Season in the 49 years of Vail".

Screw that, we were there. Everyone said ski BC, so we head to the Beave. It starts badly for one of my buds as his RF card isn't loaded properly. He is pissed. Goes off about pricing and now this. He is so upset he crashes me in the lifeline and knocks me on my ass...and head. Good day for my Variant Brim. Put my ski back on and head up. I take a face plant when the same ski comes off coming out of a high-speed turn. Great helmet again! Though I have a slight hyper-extention of the right knee. We ski the rest of the day on the best snow of the week top to bottom.


I'm battered and bruised, but we all head over to the Double Diamond B&G at Copper and party 'til I can't feel anything. Thanks to Dave Luthy of Diamond Double, and happy 50th.


I'm home now, but already looking forward to next year..






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Slush runs are better than no runs, especially if they are you're only runs.biggrin.gif

And I see some nice blue sky in some of those picsicon14.gif

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That reminds me of my trip to Chile a couple of years back!  Looks like you had a good time.

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I stayed in Vail the 7th-14th and said hell no to Vail. Their lower elevation really hurt them. Skied 2 days at LL, 2 at Copper, 2 at Breck and never spent more than $50. Despite the worst winter in decades, I had a great time and would go back that time of year again.  

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A-Basin had some high thin clouds that kept the corn just right.Colorado April 2012 119 (Medium).JPGColorado April 2012 151 (Medium).JPGColorado April 2012 156 (Medium).JPGColorado April 2012 163 (Medium).JPGAnd cool tequila.

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