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hey all, I lurk a lot over here and use TGR forums quite a bit and was wondering if anybody could take the time to look at and/or give some feedback on a new project I started?


It's basically a user submitted photo/video visual guide to ski areas around the US and worldwide.  I just launched the site maybe 2 weeks ago with mostly Colorado resorts mapped so far with plans on getting almost everything in the US and Canada mapped by fall.


The site is


The idea was born out of many beers and a lot of time waiting for it to snow in this crappy winter here in CO.  The wife is writing all the junk for the blog since she's a writer and has been laid up for awhile after blowing out her ACL this winter.  


If you decide to check it out, thanks in advance,

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Connect with Facebook doesn't appear to work.

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ah that's odd, did you receive any kind of error?


Thanks for checking out the site.

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I was able to cross connect, I tried to upload some photos from my area but all the choices are in Colorado only. If you can steer me I can upload quite a few photos of Moonlight Basin as well as Big Sky.

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fixed a small bug in the facebook connect, and moonlight basin/big sky have been loaded.  Thanks for taking a look, I imagine there will be a few more bugs to work out still.

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