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Can you recommend skis for the "powder half" of a western 2-quiver setup ?

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After a few late season storms in Tahoe and a few nosedives in deep powder (i.e. more than a foot) with my Fischer Motive 84 168cm (traditional camber, 84mm underfoot, light but relatively stiff), I want to complete my planned western 2-quiver setup in the next season. While my Motive 84 can float under ideal conditions at sufficient speed, it still doesn't have enough float as it's too short and too narrow, hence simply is too unforgiving for me under deep powder.


I'm not looking for a big mountain charger nor a super burly ski, but for a nimble ski that can handle deep powder (fresh or cut-up) first and foremost. Handling trees well is a must. If it can handle soft bumps, it would be a plus, but I don't expect miracles here. I don't care how it handles icy/hard pack or groomed, as I'll be skiing Motive 84 for anything other than deep powder days. I'm 5'9"/160lbs, ski 20+ days a season, all in Tahoe. Most of my powder days are at Kirkwood, spent riding trees and bowls off the chair #6 all day.


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The debate could go on forever and would have very little actual value to someone without any comparable experience. Personally, I don't like a bunch of rocker with a floppy tip, unless the snow is super deep and as thick as a milkshake. And even then only for the first hour or two until it gets tracked. I'm old school. I prefer about 110 mm with very little early rise, and have no need for a twin tip 'cause I ain't goin' backwards. Something like the Elan 1010.


You need to swap skis with some of your buddies and see what kind of ski meets your needs.

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If you can, try the Nordica Steadfast(90mm) or Hell & Back(98mm) or even the Nordica Patron(113mm).  I bought a pair of Steadfasts after trying other 88-90mm early rise skis because I liked it a lot better than the others.  It has great edge grip when you have to take a groomer back to the lift, skis bumps well, blasts through crud and has handled fresh snows up to at least 20" with no problem at all.   I ski trees quite a bit and we have several runs here that are narrow steep chutes and it is very quick to turn which is needed for both.  I have wider and narrower skis but these have become my favorite.  But, not everyone likes the same ski so be sure to try them.  I know people who rave about their Bushwackers and Prophets and while they were fun to ski neither gave me the response of the Steadfast.

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I spent all season looking for a ski for almost the exact same purpose, and I'm close to your size (5'10/165).  I tried about 8-10 different skis, and the hands down winner was the:


4FRNT Cody


It won't be available for sale until September, but since the season is almost over there, maybe you can wait if interested.

It's a semi-cap 100mm underfoot in the 179cm length with moderate early-rise and a slightly rockered kick-tail.  It slays trees and tight places and is wickedly fun in the soft stuff.  In that sense, it skis like a lighter S7, but it's more comfy when the snow gets harder.

If you can manage it somewhere where a demo is available, give it a try.

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@Skierish: I've never heard of 4FRNT Cody before you mentioned it. Now I see your review:




and it indeed sounds like what I'm looking for (and I'm very similar level as you - L7/L8). And, yes, this season is over for me (with a bang, I'd say, since last Thursday and Friday were just fantastic powder days at Kirkwood), and I'm indeed looking for the next season. I'll see if I can find a shop in Tahoe to demo Cody next season. Or, if I see a good deal somewhere during the pre-season sale, maybe I'll just get it - I've convinced my wife that a proper powder ski is worth the price as an injury prevention tool biggrin.gif


@mtcyclist: I've demo'ed a Nordica all-mountain ski in the past (I don't remember the model - around 80mm - 84mm range), and I found it to be more damp and heavy than I like. Most of my powder days are on a weekday during/after storm at Kirkwood, so there's typically enough fresh to last all day (Kirkwood has lots of nooks and crannies, and a bit of hike/traverse can provide fresh runs throughout the day). On weekends when the entire mountain gets tracked within an hour, my Motive 84 can handle it just fine.


@Nash: I'd love to try swapping, but unfortunately, all my advanced/expert ski buddies are much bigger than me (>6' or >180lbs), so I suspect their skis will be just too unwieldy for me. And they're on the mountain on a powder day anyway smile.gif

Elan 1010 (or Olympus) sounds interesting though - I see dawgcatching's review http://www.epicski.com/a/2011-big-mountain-ski-reviews-by-dawgcatching#user_elanolympus and it indeed looks like a good fit for me. How's Elan 1010 treating you ?



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DPS Wailer 112RP. Does great in powder, turns on a dime in the trees.

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take a look at the Line Prophet and Influence line. They are good off piste skis, not too stiff. I had a chance to demo the Prophet 90 this season, easy to handle and quick. I'm considering getting the Prophet 98 for me.

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