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Flag Burnin'

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The only time I ever get the urge to take flame to old glory is when these elected idiots take time out from important issues & suckin on the corporate teat to actually push this failed legislation through, again.
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Absolutely. Where's my bic?


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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I wonder if it would be against the law to deface the Washington Monument, or the Lincoln and Jefferson Memeorials.

If they were to declare any replica of the Flag as being a national memorial, and declare the descretation of any national memorial as being a violation of the constituion, perhaps that might get it through the senate.

I wonder how Hillary, if she has the guts to show up for the vote, will vote on this one.
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when you decide to stage your protest in downtown slc let me know.
I would love to watch the reaction of your typical resident (and you might need a get away vehicle)
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A piece of cloth, however symbolic, cannot be compared with a stone monument that is unique, artistic and highly valued as art as well as representation. Therefore, defacing property like that, which has intrisic value as belongs to some authority, has to be considered a crime. That is not true of any flag, esp. one bought for the purpose of protest. Actually, I think the protesters show the significance of a flag in burning it, that it MEANS something, like the tricolor or the Cap of Liberty.

Flags are easy to replace; monuments like the Afaghani Buddha and Mt Rushmore are not. You cannot equate the two. But if someone tampered with a flag over a govt building, then the govt would have a property issue.

Also, again, proper etiquette was to BURN worn flags, vs. putting them in the garbage, meaning the act of burning wasn't the issue but the context of said act was. That is (symbolic) SPEECH, which I believe is why flag burners are using a protected right of remonstrance and it would be govt tyrany to legislate otherwise.

Of course, had the colonists known how much having one's own federal (or central) govt would cost, they might have just kept the king. It was CHEAPER than actually paying for those forts, troops and whatnot. The British population actually was far overtaxed vs. the Americans for having said colonies (13:1 ratio) and actually the Brits benefitted greatly from losing that burden.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Lisakaz brings up a relevant point here - the circumstance of the burning is the issue, not the burning itself. She is absolutely correct in her comment that the "correct" way to dispose of a flag is to burn it.

Up here in the Great White North, we got our own constitution a few years ago. On a strictly personal note, I don't have any disagreement with how things ran before, but I'm not a monarchist or anything.

Along with that we also got a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, akin to the US Bill of Rights. The flaw, in my view, is we then gave to nine unelected persons the ability to overturn legislation passed by duly elected representataives of the populace. Our Supreme Court, like the American one, now tells us what our legislators "meant" to say, rather than let legislation speak for itself. We now have the same circumstances, wherein the whims and personal agendas of nine appointed people are setting social policy and direction. I'm a mild mannered redneck, but that sucks!

(As an aside to Canadian members here, did you know that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does NOT give you property rights.)
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Yes, there is a reason I live in the states...but trust me, NOT part of the brain drain.
The Canada of my youth barely exists now. A multiculturalist, hodgepodge of political correctness and smarmy, gutless political professionals and swivel servants. But I do visit often (Mum and dad) and will eventually return. Until then I'll read Mcleans.
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Flag burning is a sport?
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its as much of a sport as it is a legislative priority
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