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Name this front side carver

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OK.  Please name this ski for me. 

My stats  5'11" 210-220 lbs. depending on the pizza consumption.  Very strong skier, with big legs, ski very aggressively, and tend to fold softer skis (e.g. Fischer Watea).  My home hill is a small, one lift wonder, in north central Washington.  We don't get much snow but what we do get is typically, fairly soft.


I am looking for a pure front side carver.  A no compromises board as I have plenty of other options (e.g. Liberty Helix {this is a ski that deserves far more attention than it gets!}).  In the recent past I have had several FIS race stock skis (RC4 GS 193 and 188, Blizzard WC SL) that were a pile of fun when the snow was hard enough but a little spooky in our typical softer snow when I dig trenches that I couldn't readily get out of.  On the other side I had a pair of non-race stock Volkl Racetiger SL's that were great skis but lacked  the stiffnes (backbone or attitude, whatever you want to call it) I am looking for.  What I really liked about the Racetigers was the ability to make any radius of turn on just about any of our typical groomer snow conditions. 


So, what I'm looking for is something like a non-racestock Racetiger with a stiffer spine, damp, more pop out of the tail but just a little forgiveness in softer snow.  After reading many reviews the Stockli Laser series seems like an intriguing option.  Any and all opinions would be appreciated.



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Nobody with an opinion?  Really?

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I've skied the Laser SL (non FIS) in 170 and it might be close to what you're looking for.

It's pretty quick turning, you didn't mention turn shape but for a small hill I'd assume you're not looking to make three turns top to bottom.

Damp, yea. Tip is a little soft compared to race skis. Good energy.

Good luck finding a pair. Better luck finding a pair at a reasonable price.

The SX models have less sidecut, haven't had a chance to ski those.

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Maybe Tigershark 11 ft with power switch; you could switch it to softer for softer snow.  I don't know if it would be enough for your needs, but my first thought (GS speedwall) although shorter radius, about 18 or 19 m, is kess than FIS, it isn't exacactly ideal for small hills.

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Let me add one more comment.  One of the things I really liked about the Ractigers was the ability to make turns of virtually any radius: sl, gs, sg.  They were happy doing just about anything I asked.  For comparison, I was on a pair of Firearrow Pro's at demo days and they were nice as long as I was making short/medium radius turns but not so will for a bigger radius turn.  I want the ability to make any turn shape.

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Head iSupershape Speed.  Perfect for what you are looking for IMHO.  I have not skied the Titan or Magnum but they are both a bit wider so may even be better on the soft stuff you ski.  I think the turn radius is shorter on those two though.

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LordThomas, are your talking about Loup Loup?  If so people should know that the vertical there is about 1200" with one quad lift, about 300 acres.  So not a big area, but plenty of vertical for all kinds of turns.


Stockli, yes, or even consider the 2013 Head Rev 80 Pro.


Philpug had a glowing review of the 2013 Nordica Firearrow EDT84.

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Consider the Stockli Laser SC, which has both SL and GS characteristics so you can carve a variety of turn shapes.  Normally I'd nix this suggestion because of the thin waist, but the new version is quite a bit fatter and has even better reviews than the older version.  It is much more versitile than the SL Laser model in the longer lengths.  You can bend the non-FIS Laser GS boards just fine (I think I saw a video of Joey Cordeau skiing moguls on a cheater version) but avoid the heavy and stiff FIS model since it is made for one speed: Too fast.


The HEAD Supershape Magnum (or whatever it is called now) will likely be better in softer snow.  I don't demo nearly as many skis as most people here, but the Laser SC and Magnum could work great.

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