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Just a thought. Would it be possible for the leader to get ahead by so much the entire field would be DQ'ed?(What do they call DQ'ed in road racing?).
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I knew I'd take some heat over that. I don't know what the hell is wrong with irul&ublo though. Seems like a bit of an ass.

OK, I know he's not just sitting there and of course he is going to turn it back on for the time trial( I wrote that post before I saw the TT). I just meant that some times stratagy is hard to get excited about, and that it'd be cool to see him go after some of those break like he did in the mountains.

Thanks JohnH. For the other people who jumped all over me, you need to relax. From some of the comments you'd think I was talking about your mothers.

P.S. for the people watching on OLN, did you notice Glen Plake in the KIA sportage Ads. The Mohalk still rules.
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Don't take it too bad Woody, they're just yanks puffing up. Remember when they won a gold in hockey in Placid...the commentators didn't know yet what the funny lines meant.
Great TT, and Lance did press all the way to the line. I marvel at anyone finishing in Paris, it is the singular achievement in sport in my mind. Even grabbing a wheel at those speeds and soft pedaling in the peloton would kill most daily riders, even without a pull!<FONT size="1">

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I don't think I jumped on you. Your comment begged response as it sounded like another TV spectator bored with the 'lack of action' of a realistic presentation.

I don't necessarily get all the decisions these guys make about strategy, but surely cannot accurately second guess them as I have never ridden under such conditions. OLN is providing us all with an opportunity not available to us previously. Hopefully greater TV coverage doesn't Americanize the Tour in the future..It's already as 'reality' as it gets.
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Roto, I think that is what is so appealing about the OLN coverage (including WC in winter). It is truly international coverage, with no overt jingoism or tainted by nationalistic chest thumping! There is now cross border appreciation for Lance's achievement, and he has captured the imagination of the world....on merit. The guy is class, as is Zabel, O'Grady, Jalabert and the rest. On every break, there is someone for everyone to cheer for. What a sprint today! Two points seperating the green!!
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Yes, it continues to be enthralling. Today I gained more understanding of O'Grady's expertise. It sure didn't look like he was going to finish 2nd! That will be the race within tomorrow. The races within the race that get so much attention each day really add to it.

OLN skiing coverage is amazing. SuperSeries, WC, Freestyle, Freeride, Park Half-Pipe, they have been doing it all and not just the big events. I actually saw a youngster I used to coach in a WC slalom last year. I was floored. He blew out and lost a ski, but I can't get over seeing so much of the field instead of the top five and having to either sit through an hour of "human interest" stories or risk missing the 30 seconds of actual coverage while surfing. I wonder what chance there is of OLN picking up some Olympic stuff.

Did you see the crazy Crested Butte Extreme coverage last spring? Guys were dropping 20 feet, hip checking and uncovering rocks...but then again I was amazed at the guys who could stick big jumps in the sometimes hard, sometimes rotten snow. Craaaaaazy, man.
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Michael Jordan was the Lance Armstrong of basketball..

All hail the mighty Lance...

Reinhold Messner is the Lance Armstrong of mountaineering...

The VO Slalom was the Lance Armstrong of skis

That CB Comp made freeskiers look stupid, not to say they aren't ballsy or good.<FONT size="1">

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JohnH: You are one of those annoying know-it-alls. Coming from a Canadian, don't take that as a compliment, I was going to say typical American but that would be unfair. Where do people like you get off, bandwagon jumping, having never even given road riding a second glance, let alone supporting some of your local riders/races. I wonder if people actually take your advice seriously or if they just laugh every time that you post. Just off the top of my head, there is carbon monoxide as the main greenhouse gas (its CO2 and yes its mentioned in every article about the Kyoto protocol) but don't let that get in the way of shooting your mouth off about it, that a lefty Cannondale is so unbalanced you 'never' can ride it with no hands (I think you should go to a local science centre and ask one of the people there to show you how a bike stays upright, you know the things they teach you about in Grade 4) and finally you corrected yourself about the tour not being 6000 miles but 6000 kilometers. Where do you get that? This years edition was just under 3500km. You know, I would (should?) probably overlook these sorts of things, but when it happens over and over again you just have to wonder. Plus you know split times and checkpoints and everything, but you don't figure out that 6000 kilometers in 20 days would be an average of 300km/day. Is all your information this far off? And then you pretend you know what you are talking about by repeating everything that you read about or what the broadcasters say. I sometimes wonder if it is hard going through life without one original thought. Anyway, I just wanted to defend us poor old Canadians. Your smug attitude is so pathetic, that I couldn't hold my breath any longer. Oh, still having trouble with those really hard clipless pedals and riding with no hands? But don't let that stop you, keep out giving advice.
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CheesePuff - I can only hope you're trolling with that post. If so, I'll nibble.

You don't know anything about John and you accuse him of all sorts of nasty stuff. I know John. I've ridden with him, I've skied with him, and I've had a few beers with the guy. He's one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet. Yes, he can make a mistake. God forbid! I'm sure you've never made one. At least he can admit when he does.

Grow up and get off your high-horse.
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Hey CheesePuff(aka CheeseForBrains),

You say "Just off the top of my head, there is carbon monoxide as the main greenhouse gas (its CO2 and yes its mentioned in every article about the Kyoto protocol) but don't let that get in the way of shooting your mouth off about it . . ."

carbon monoxide= CO not CO2, You Canadian A$$.

Let's here it for the Canadian cyclist that finished uh . . wait . . . there was no Canadian cyclist to finish the "Tour". Frankly, I don’t even know if one ever entered. Not that anyone even cared.

If this was an attempt at a Troll or a Flame this is weak!!!!


PS, Hey, JohnH I was going to call you on that 6K km thing but what the heck I knew you knew better.<FONT size="1">

<FONT size="1">

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Yeah, goat cheese, whatever.

First off, yeah, I know the 6k think was wrong. That's what I get for listening to the people who are supposed to know (the news media). And by the time I realized my statement was wrong, it was a couple of days later, so why should I go and correct an old post? Second, the C'dale lefty, that's what I was told by the LBS guy and the experience I had when riding it for 30 seconds in a parking lot. So friggin shoot me cause your experience was different. Maybe the moron in the LBS did a crappy job of building the bike. Gonz already corrected that statement by saying he's seen people land air no-hands. That's good enough for me

All that said, how the he!! did this turn into an American vs Canadian thing? I happen to like... no LOVE Canada. But then, I've only been there about 5 times, and I haven't run into a*holes like you. And of course American are all butt holes. But then, look where we all come from..... Other countries. Oh yeah, so do you Canadians. Oh. ALso, that C'dale of yours (you must own one, why else would you get so defensive) is made right here in good ol' 'merka.

I almost forgot. Welcome to the forum Cheese puff. Great first post. Right up there with Roto's, Tog's and jyarddog's contributions............


**Due to the power shortage, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off indefinitely.
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hey ublow our new identity will be blown if you keep that up as your old self was pretty predicable. Is Charlie still your boss?
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There's a neat story on Lance Armstrong's trip to Yankee Stadium to throw out the first pitch (apparently he's become friendly to manager Joe Torre as both are cancer survivors). Apparantly all the NYY players are in awe of his endurance when they cannot stand more than 15 minutes on the stationary bike. It's at www.yankees.mlb.com .

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Not only does he kick butt but Lance Armstrong is truly an inspiration.

Looking for the "fourpeat" in 2002. If so, he becomes a legend immediatley right up there with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Gayle Sayers, Joe Namouth, Joe Montana, Jean Claude Killey, Mickey Mantle, Mark McGuire, and Barry Bonds, if he breaks McGuire's 70 home run mark.Maybe internationally, as big as Ali, or Tiger Woods.
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And of course, everyone knows that Lance is a fellow Austinite!!

When he won a few days ago, the UT Tower was lit up solid burnt orange, with an "L" lit up in the windows. Very cool, indeed...
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