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Lance kicks a**

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On today's stage from Aix-leBains (sp?) to l'Alp du Huez Armstrong pulled it out on the last climb. He didn't win the stage but he made up scads of time from the previous stages. Most importantly, he gained over a minute on his pre-race rival, Jan Ullrich. The way he did it was great, with an over the shoulder stare-down as he motored past Ullrich on the climb. Check it out later today/tonite on the cable station, Outdoor Life Network.
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Gotta love it. I just about had a heart attack after I checked the standings Monday morning, Tonight, it may just be worth sitting through those Mercury Mountaineer commercials.

Still trying to get rid of the flashing 12:00 on the VCR....


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You can check out the stage (or any stage) and cumulative standings on that site. The American version is done by OLN, and is really well put together.

Lance won the stage by 2 minutes. He's now in 4th overall. Before today's race he was about 45th, and about 35 minutes behind the yellow jersey. Now he's 20 minutes behind the yellow jersey.

I think tomorrow's stage is a mountain time trial. Lance should probably kick it again!

I love the fact that he just starred at Jan U. over his shoulder, as he rode away from him, and Jan got so pissed he threw his ear piece!


edit: Oh yeah, you can just about "watch" the race in real time on that site. They post updates about every 30 seconds to 1 minute. I was doing that yeaterday, but forgot today. Now I'm PO'ed I forgot!<FONT size="1">

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The tactics and mind games are almost as interesting as the riding.
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THis is a great site for reading the race as it happens.
cyclingnews.com has great coverage..... http://live.cyclingnews.com/live_comp_st10.php

Go Lance!!!!

Tomorrow's climbing idv TT is going to be exciting........<FONT size="1">

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I'm watching it right now. I can't believe I read these posts. I read the first one about 2 minutes before Lance broke away! He is the MAN! I was fully expecting him to continue 'suffering' as per the commentators' predictions.
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Lance will start his time trial just after 11:00am Eastern time (8am PST, 4pm in France - are they on GMT?)

The time trial is taking people just over an hour to complete. The best time right now is 1:11 and change.

In the lounge in our building, they put in a tv a couple weeks ago that has DirecTV, so I think I'll eat lunch there and watch OLN.


Doh!<FONT size="1">

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"16:02 CEST
Armstrong is on the ramp. It's 32 km to Chamrousse, he's got an aero helmet but no full-out TT bike, it's dark, and he's wearing sunglasses.
Well, pretty murky, anyway."

a blues brothers reference on cycling news, that is classic.
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What? No "half a pack of cigarettes"?

edit: I finally found the right place on CyclingNews. It's a tough site to weed through, but good color commentary (Blues Bros ref)<FONT size="1">

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I tried to watch it on OLN, but I guess they only signed us up for the basic package, and we don't get it. Dang it all!
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He he he!!! Lance is steadily increasing his lead over Ullrich and leading everone at the first 2 check points.

Lance started 4 minutes after Jan. If the race were twice as long, Lance would probably have been able to catch up to Jan.

Hey Jan... Who's yer daddy?!

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A great comment from the OLN reporter as Jan finished the race. Jan never got out of the saddle, as opposed to Lance who spent most of the race out of the saddle.

>>17H05 - All Eyes On Lance...
The cameras are all focused on Lance's dance up the climb today. We didn't get to see if Ullrich had to be surgically removed from his saddle...<<
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Gains another minute over Jan!
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The man is an animal!

He'll gain another 6-8 minutes on the yellow jersey tody, in only a 1 hr race!

He was 35 minutes behind, 2 days ago. Cut it to 20 yesterday, and now it'll be less than 15!!!!
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Lance is a little closer to taking the yellow jersey after stage 12

Felix Cardenas (Kel, Col) wins the stage. Laseika takes the second place, Armstrong comes third. Jan Ullrich finishes fourth. Kivilev and Simon are still on the road.
Francois Simon passes the line 4'05" after Lance Armstrong.
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All I have to say is Thank God for OLN!

Did anyone catch the less than pathtic coverage on Sunday on CBS??

I guess, that because CBS had the Sunday coverage, OLN wasn't able to show stage 14 until 9pm. Until 8pm, when I realized that OLN was showing it at 9, I thought I wouldn't get to see any of stage 14. CBS had a one hour program for the TDF, and, literally, spent the last 30 seconds of the show talking about stage 14. As if it was just some afterthought. I was so pissed until I saw that OLN was showing the stage at 9. Up until the last 30 seconds of CBS's show, I didn't even think they raced stage 14 yesterday.

Oh, hey! And how about Jan's endo down the hill into the weeds in 13?? Lance is one classy dude for slowing to wait for him. He wants it to be a real race, and not beat a guy when he's down. Ullrich seems to understand that Lance is a class guy by the way he thanked him at the end of 14. It shows Ullrich has class too, and that he may know that he can't beat Lance, especially in the mountains.

Tomorrow's fairly flat stage should be interesting. They have today off.
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Thank God for OLN is right. Le Tour coverage is amazing. I've never been so in touch with it. Lance is AMAZING. Watching him ride away at will after so many gruelling k's is unbelivable. He is one of those guys that just makes it look too easy. I watched a lot of the Giro d'Italia as well.
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The last two stages were epic. Great coverage on OLN. It almost feels like ski season waking up on Saturday @ 6am, but to watch tour coverage instead of heading for the mountains. The tour is in Lances grasp. As long as all goes well his USPS Team keeps on eye on Jan the victory is in the bag.
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Lance just is a metronome with that 90+ cadence, compared to Jan's big ring grind! And just like WC skiing coverage OLN is redefining specialty cable! Specialty sports fans are being created by Speedvision and OLN...we are committed and addicted! Why can't the network guys figure that out.
Next up the Veulta Espana!
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On the OLNtv.com site or the letour.com, you can link into a "listen live" web audio link, and listen to OLN's broadcast of the tour.
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Lance passes the first check point of the time trial a full 25 seconds ahead of the previous leader!

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what do we need OLN for? We got JohnH, "sports announcer!"

Thanks John
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Lance is 1'23" ahead of Jan Ullrich and 1'01" in the lead at the 2nd check.

dchan - I'm listening live on the web through OLN.
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1'14" in the lead and 1'36" ahead of Ullrich at the 3rd (last) time check.

LANCE ROCKS! (actually he rolls quite well too )

avg almost 50kmh!!!!!! That's sick!

by 1'38" over Jan Ullrich!<FONT size="1">

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I know that he does this because he doesn't want to take any chances at loosing his lead, but I think it's kind of cheap that he just sits there now that he's got the yellow jersey. I'd like to see a little more race out of him even if it isn't the smart thing to do.
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Woody, He isn't just sitting there. Today's race was a time trial. He didn't need to push nearly as hard as he did. In a post-race interview after today's race, they asked him why he pushed so hard. He replied that when you are wearing the yellow jersey, you nedd to prove that you are the best in the world. Beating the 2nd place finisher in a one hour time trial by over a minute is crushing. He is definitely not "just sitting there". As far as the races from the last 2 days, that's called strategy. There is a LOT of it in those races. The people who win those stages by being in breakaway groups are usually over an hour behind in the overall standings because you can't race like that every day. To race a 3 week, 6000 mile race, you need to pace yourself. That IS racing (well, road racing anyway)
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When you cross the finish line on the Champs Elysees, then you can complain about a rider's tactics and know about that which you post...my .02
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Hey. I think you guys are being a bit harsh on the Boner. I remember the first time I saw footage of the TdF, and had no idea what was going on. It's like "how is HE the leader?". "Why isn't he trying to win?". I didn't get it. I barely do now. It's hard to comprehend a 3 week long race over 6000K (not miles as I accidentally said before).

Here's an anology a Canadian can understand It's similar to not having your dogs try to sprint the entire Iditarod (sp?). Now pretend you had to do the Iditarod 3 times in 3 weeks. They need to pace themselves and rest. To win the TdF, you need to do the same.

So far, Lance has been racing (on his bike) for nearly 80 hours in the last 3 weeks. Some people can't sit at a desk that long!
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Aah, Lance is just going easy on all the other guys...it's like playing with kids or dogs, if they don't get the toys now and then they'll quit playing...
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