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Boots for a ripping kid

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Hi! I am looking for ski boots for my 7 year old son. He has been on rental equipment for the past 3 seasons, but we just invested in skis (K2 Bad Seed 119) so now need to buy some boots as well. He is skinny and light--49" tall, 52 lbs, relatively narrow foot, and an advanced skier (level 8+) who gets in about 40 days a year. Mondo size 20.5. Any thoughts on whether we should go with the Lange RSJ 50 (3 buckles, 50 flex) or the Lange RSJ 60 (4 buckles, 60 flex)? Or the Nordica Doberman Team 60 (4 buckles, 55 flex)? No local ski shops with good junior selection, so I am going to order a couple of pairs and shell-fit myself at home. Thanks!


Forgot to say: His last pair of rental boots were Rossi J3. Not buying those because the shell seemed really flimsy and junky to me; they were new when we rented but look shot after 1 season. He was a 20.5 in those (with room to spare), which is what I based the sizing off.

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It's the end of the season and I imagine local shops are happy about their poor selection.  It should be as difficult for them to offer selection now as it is difficult for any of us to advise boot selection without any idea of what your son's foot is like.  If you are intent on doing this by purchasing online without warranty and any chance to see the boots ahead of time or support of a shop to provide fitting then you should read everything in the Wikis that are part of this site.

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Lou, I appreciate your taking the time to reply, but I don't think you understood my situation. My local shops are not low on selection because it's spring; they *never* have decent kids' boots for sale (unless you consider 1-buckle rear-entry a viable option). This is why I am buying boots online. I just need to know whether a kid with my kid's stats should go with the 3-buckle (50 flex) Lange or the 4-buckle (60 flex) one. Or if there's another boot entirely that would be worth looking into because one of you happens to fit a lot of kids and have a general sense of what often works for someone of his size and skill level. We will be ordering and trying on at home because there are no stores to get fitted at here (yes I've read the wikis on fitting, and they are very helpful).


Also, he's 7. He has a narrow-to-normal foot. I think most junior boots would fit his foot shape just fine. It's the flex, shell quality, and number of buckles that are more of an issue.


If anyone has any advice, that would be great!

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OK, every manufacturer makes reasonable four buckle boots down to his size, probably you'll find something in a 50 to 70 flex range.  It is difficult to recommend flex because the numbers are variable but we've had good luck with  Dalbello, Head and Tecnica.  If you want I'll see if we have anything left from Dalbello, I know we are sold out of Head.



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