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Also Need Help buying new skis

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Hi there - this spring I busted the bindings on my 20 year old? K2's that I bought on ebay for $20 when I was a first timer 15 years ago. Busted them on a deep mogul right in front of my friend - then had to make the long walk down the mountain - haha!


I took it to the local ski shop to try to donate the skis and they laughed at me and said no thanks - then one young guy said he'd take em for art work. I said, 'here ya go!' and walked out.


Anyway, I've been wanting a new set for a long time and with the old ones finally giving up the ghost... it is time.


I am 6'0" and try to be under 200 lbs. I would say I'm intermediate who's been skiing for around 15 years (at least every other year). I struggle on the moguls (I think because I had longer skis), but my brothers cannot beat me down the mountain in a downhill 'race'. I'd like to get something where I don't give up the downhill title, but one that could help me out a little on the moguls and one day possibly in the deep powder.  I ski Wolf Creek, CO most of the time.  I guess I'm looking for an all mountain ski that is on clearance...trying to buy right now as shops are clearing out inventory?


Looking for help on what kind of skis / brand / store...any other useful info.  Thanks,



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Update on what I've found:


All on o2gearshop.com. (20% off coupon of listed price, free shipping)


1. 2011 Volkl Unlimited AC30 Ti - 177cm - $519

2. 2011 Nordica Jetfuel - 170cm - $431

3. 2012 Nordica Hot Rod Igniter Ti - 178cm - $489


I'm leaning 33.33% to each - ha!


Would love some input from someone smarter than I  :-)



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Why doncha call O2 Gearshop and consult with their experts? I mean heck, they're selling 'em. They oughta be able to tell you which to buy and why.................uhhhhhhh..................right?



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I always like to get disinterested third party input.  I may have to though.

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Have you looked at the Volkl Kendo? There are some decent member reviews of skis that fit what you're looking for if you search a bit.
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I've used this site quite a bit and have read tons of the reviews. Finding the combination of my size, style, and price is a much tougher task though.  I'll look into the Kendos.


And - I have eliminated the Nordica Hot Rod - the guy at o2 said they are for hard pack only and I did not need them.

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