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Fischer DRS 102

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I started skiing this year and i am looking to buy a pair of skis.


That said, I am looking to buy a pair of skis but cannot find any info on this set of skis: Fischer DRS 102.  Someone in my town posted these skis on craigslist and I wonder if they are a good deal:


I have skied 2 times and still need a beginner ski. Do you know if the Fischer DRS102 is a beginner ski?




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IIRC that is a rental grade ski from a few years ago.  Its probably not a terrible ski for a beginner, especially for the price, but you may make better progress if you get properly fitted boots.  

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Great thanks for the reply. I am going to pick them up this morning. My fingers are crossed that the boots will be a good fit.

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I believe you entirely missed the point of what TC was saying.  Let me be blunt about it.  FORGET SKIS.  What you need first is boots that actually fit your feet, purchased from someone who truly knows how to fit ski boots.  With my boots, fitted by one of the 15 best fitters in the US, I can ski any ski and have a good time, maybe even a great time depending on the ski.  But, if I have a pair of rental boots I will not have a very good time on any ski.  The reason is the boot is the connection between you and the ski, the communication link.  If the boots don't fit and I tell the skis to do something, there will be a delay while my foot moves inside the boot, by which time I'm trying to tell the skis to do something else and there's another delay.  With my boots, the skis react immediately because they fit correctly, snug all over.  I spent years and wasted a large amount of money buying boots without knowing how they should fit.  At one point I was skiing in a pair of size 28s.  I now ski in either in size 26.  And those boots that are too big will not be comfortable, in fact they will likely be painful because you'll tighten the buckles too much.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology.  Then check the "Who's Who" to see if anybody on the list is near you.  If there is, call and make an appointment.  If there isn't, ask us and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.  

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