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9th Annual Gunbarrel 25 at Heavenly, Lake Tahoe - 04/07/12

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I made it a point to get to Heavenly this past Saturday, and got some vids and pix of at the 9th Annual Gunbarrel 25. Sorry for the quality - just have a very cheap, low end pocket camcorder, and the batteries died the one time I went down myself and was videoing GP going by! Damn you, Murphy! Argh!


The only real downside was that the snow is so thin on the lower half of Gunbarrel that they cut over above the traverse/cat track to East Bowl and then finished up on the World Cup run at the very bottom, where they'd set up a few gates. So unfortunately you couldn't just hang out by the lift (or in the cafe/bar) and watch everyone ski bumps right up to it, but otherwise it was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all!


The Man His Own Super Bad Self


His Super Nice, Super Hot Wife!

  ( Talking about her skiing, of course! ;-)


More of Da Man


Der PlakeMobile



Amazingly Beautiful Tahoe!



Hawk Bros









And of course, my personal favorite!



Glen, of course, was very gracious with his time, and frequently stopped to chat with people up top or on the hill, but Kimberly truly was an iron woman. I left a little after 4pm, (they planned to run it till 4:20), and she was going for yet another lap, as she had been steadily all day! Haven't heard the results, but wouldn't be surprised if she won the Iron Woman title again this year! In person they are both awesome and ski bumps like breathing!


10th Annual Next Year! Be there! Aloha!

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Cool looking day of celebrity spotting.  Looks like fun and almost Spring.

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Nice TR! A marathon of bumps........

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Here's a little taste of the 2013 Gunbarrel 25!



Conditions were marginal, but the hardcores were out and having a blast! Lots of kids too!


I still suck at moguls, but have had a bit of an epiphany late this season and hope to join in next year!



For the curious Plake was sporting some few year old Elan Bloodline mogul skis.


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Looks pretty thin.

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It was, but there was sufficient snow/cover for the participants to make their laps. And the upper part of the mountain has actually stayed pretty nice, even though new snow has been a rarity this season.


Heavenly got about 6" of nice, relative dry powder yesterday, which should carry it through the end of the season this Sunday.

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That looks so cool. Why don't we have fun stuff like that in Switzerland?


And guys with hair so tall the bar on the chair won't go down


And bumps????

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