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Salomon Enduro Xt 800 vs XT 850

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 I am looking to take advantage of some end of season deals and want to buy either Salomon Enduro XT 850 (177) or XT 800 (175)  I'm 6'1, 185 aggressive skier with racing background and ski primarily in Midwest with two trips a year out west.  I ski fast on groomers mostly, but do ski bowls open terrain when conditions are good. I ski very few bumps anymore.   I have demo'd the XT 800 and really was impressed, but was not able to try the XT 850 out.  I feel like I should be on a 177cm ski but worried the XT 850 isnt as versatile with short and long turns?   Anyone out there have any suggestions or am I splitting hairs?  Thanks to All!!

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I skied the XT 800 in 168 cm for five days and was also impressed with it's versatility. I'm 5'8/150 and I think the 800 in 168 was right for me. I haven't tried the 850, but I know it is stiffer and should be good for you since you have an aggressive style. 

The 800 in 182 cm or the 850 in 177 cm (or maybe 184).

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5'6.5" 140lbs, rented the XT800 168cm twice this season. It worked well in our east coast conditions, hardpack/couple inches of fresh. Didn't mind venturing into the mogul field with them. They also performed well with short medium and longer turn shapes ripping groomers. I didnt care for the packaged bindings, however they are available flat so not a deal breaker. For the type of skiing you like and at your weight i would think you'd get more out of the XT850. 

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xt 850 all the way.    Same weight as you, aggressive, killer ski.   turns on a dime and kills it at high speed.  

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The 850 is not too stiff for you.  It's just right for me at 177cm and I'm 155 lbs and 56 years OLD.  (Actually, it turns so quickly that I'd like to try the 184cm length for a smoother ride in rough crud.)

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Just rented the 850's at sunshine to try them out...loved them!  Best ski I have skiied on for some time.  I am 6'1" and 200 and like to ski fast and still love the bumps.  Conditions were fast!


I talked to them about selling after I used, but they are not selling yet and said they wanted $400., which I thought a bit steep for "well used" skis.  I would rather buy new.  What is the best price you have seen and where did you find price?



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Tried a pair of 177 XT850's recently and was blown away, fast, quick, stable the most fun I'd had on a ski for quite a while. Was advised by the retailer that 177 length would be fine for me but of course that's all they had in stock. I'm 6'3" 198lb, normally I would expect that a 184 would be the choice but have not skied that length so can't comment. Just wondered if someone with more experience with these skis could share their thoughts?

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Just curious what length XT850 did you demo? I'm about the same weight as you and have tried the 177 but there was no opportunity to try the 184. Loved the ski, just want to get the right length so your thoughts would be helpful?

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I skied the 177 and thought they were great...mind you did not try any other size.  What sort of prices have you found?

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I'm in New Zealand so was fortunate to try the 2013 model, we seem to get the latest models before the rest of the world. Pricing in NZ$ was $1799 (packaged with bindings) now down to $1499 and will probably go lower as our season is coming to an end.

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ive rode the xt 850 for about the last yr now as I bought them last april. im 210lbs and aggressive. I absolutely love these skis..so stable at speed on groomers,( im mostly off piste but) not too bad in bumps for an all mountain ski with good float in anything but the deepest pow. I have the 177s now but I like them so much I think ill buy a pair of 2013s

(like the graphics more too) at 184. With the rocker they ski short so they feel alittle stuby as my other skis I still us r longer and with no rocker.

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