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Selecting the right boot

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Hi Guys,


I have only recently begun to ski. Over the 2 years that i have skied. I live in Australia, and Mt Buller is my most skied mountain. I went to Blackcomb a few months ago to ski. At buller, i ski on Black runs at a reasonable ease. on Blackcomb, Black runs are a bit more challenging. 


I cannot be regarded as a Pro, but i am interested in finding the right boot for me. 


Basic information:


16 years of age

Boot size (around 26)

Wide feet (I tried on an Atomic b120 yesterday i think, and thats 104mm at width)

165cm in height


What is the right boot for me? I was using the Atomic B120, but they said that for advanced people only. I was looking around on the web, and some people were using Solomon impact 10, but thats for pros only as well. 


To be honest, i dont know much about skiing. I have been on a total of around 20 days skiing (i know, not much). In australia, I'm in the Level 6 in Ski school.


Please suggest skis to go with the boots. I know that it has to be between the nose and the chin.


Your help is appreciated greatly!





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we appreciate your contact but cannot really help much.  The right boot for you is the one that fits you correctly and everyone makes wide, narrow, stiff, soft etc.  best thing is to read the Wikis attached to this site and learn what constitutes a proper fit.




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Hi lou. I am looking to buy my boots online because it's half the price! I would like to ask the differences between the intermediate, and advanced. The lady at the store I visited I would die in a Solomon impact 10 is Too hard. But I checked on the website the flex is the same as the atomic b120! The Solomon is also wider!
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please... if you want boots that fit (you asked for the right boot for you) then use a boot fitter, there is no way anyone on here can recommend a boot for you without seeing your foot, measuring it and assessing the biomechanics, anything else is a simple guess


the B120 is a 104mm last the impact 10 is a 100 mm last in the same size so not wider and a completely different shape...there in lies the problem 


so if in doubt buy red ones rolleyes.gif


find a good boot fitter and pay the money or i am afraid it is a bit of pot luck, the only person who will win on the deal is Fedex as you keep ordering, trying and sending boots back until you think you have the right one...... which at a guess will be at least 1 size too big 


read the wiki at the top of the page and you will hopefully understand why we are saying what we are saying, we want you to get it right, but it is simply not possible over the web


good luck whatever direction you go 

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I agree with everything Colin and Lou have said----if you send several pairs of boots back and forth and end up in one too big (for the next 10 yrs.) what have you saved????????? besides your feet will hurt if the boots too big.  Best advice any of us can give in this situation is---find a reputable boot fitter and go with what he say's.



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In short the boots won't be half price or even close once you pay shipping, have no warranty, pay someone to do the punching and grinding to fit them, pay someone to readjust your bindings and finally factor in the high probability that you, me and almost anyone else that is purchasing without the ability to shell fit first won't get it right the first or even second time.



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