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boots for 6'5" skiier

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Hey, I just got a set of elan 888 skis and I need boots to go with 'em. The first set of boots were mis-sized for me (i'm a size 11-12 shoe and got sized in a 28 mondopoint boot), and weren't fun to ski in.


I just moved up to oregon, and plan on skiing hood meadows, mt. bachelor, and whistler in bc. I like to bomb those big groomers (and a sweet pow day), and need a boot that will give me good control even at higher speeds.



I'm 6'5", 220 lb guy, with a fairly wide foot and a high arch, so finding boots that are stiff enough yet still comfy for my feet have been a challenge. As it's approaching the end of season, I'm hoping to get some great deals on a sweet boot to break in and get ready to ride on come fall/winter 2012.


Any suggestions on where to start? Both boots to try and places to try 'em on in before i buy.

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After reading forum rules, I realize I guess i'm asking for places to go and ppl to talk to in the portland, oregon area about fitting ski boots. Anyone have any resources I should go investigate?

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I can't answer your actual question, but I can tell you that I am also 6'5" and wear a size 11-12 street shoe. I am in a size 28 MP Nordica Hot Rod Pro 125. This may not be the boot for you since it is a narrower last, but my point of posting is that we're the same street shoe size and I am in a size 28 boot. It took some work from a good bootfitter and about 16 days of skiing for them to be pretty comfortable for me. The first few days were murder until the liner packed a bit and I had the work done to give me more room in certain areas. But my goal was to get boots that would last me a while and not feel sloppy once the liners packed out a bit.

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I am also 6"5 and 220 lbs.  There are lots of boots that could fill the bill, but before you get too far you need to determine the width of the last that works for you.  Ski boots come in everything from about 98-104 mm.  If your boots are too wide or narrow for your foot all the other features will not matter much.  I would also suggest getting a boot that has adjustable forward lean, adjustable flex and cuff canting. Us big guys put more stress on our boots, so it helps if they can be dialed in to your preferences as much as possible.


If your feet hurt it does not matter what else is going on, you are not having a good time. As you figured out, the key to really good skiing starts with a good boot fitter.

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