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Ladies prepare to Send It - with Blizzard's 2013 Women Lineup

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I had the pleasure of talking to Blizzard Ski's Megan Burch at SIA in Denver to get a women's first hand perspective on the 2013 line up for women.  For those of you who've read my review of the 2012 Blizzard Black Pearl, you will not find it surprising to know that I'm thoroughly excited about the expansion of Flipcore throughout the 2013 Blizzard Women's Freeride Line  as well as the top end front side ski. 


The additions to the line up include fresh new graphics that bring a feminine, yet not flowery look to the Flipcore series, but don't be fooled by the graphics, these skis are just what we have been asking for to ski the whole mountain. 

  • Viva 8.0 - The women's version of the Magnum 8.0, the Viva 8.0 brings Flipcore to the front side for someone looking for a versatile front size ski that tears up the groomers and holds its own when you are tempted to go off piste or rip the moguls. 
  • Black Pearl- the same construction as the men's Bushwhacker, but offered in a fresh graphic appealing to women, and a shorter size run for the petite woman who wants to tear up the whole mountain.
  • Samba - Fresh graphics compliment this ski, with a little less metal than the men's Bonafide, but with the same sidecut and amazing Flipcore construction, offered in sizes down to 159, for the woman who wants to have as ski that can live in her car and be ready at any moment to charge the trees, shred the steeps and cruise the groomers. 
    *This ski is Trekchick's hot pick for 2013
  • Dakota - the same construction as the men's Cochise, but offered with fresh graphics and a 170 length to give us the tool we need to Send It!!


I'm encouraged by companies like Blizzard Skis who are taking serious women skiers seriously, and I'm extremely excited about this line up.


Here's an interview that Philpug with Jed  Duke covering their women's freeride line up for 2013



After you watch this clip, there's only one thing left to do ...

Order up a pair of your own and wait to hear the boys say,

"Did you see that chick?  She knows how to Send it!"


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Just been looking thru the threads on womens skis for my daughter and also going with a Blizzard for a groomer/cruiser for her . Looks like trying to get a Viva 7.6 The Blizzard line has a lot of nice choices, maybe also look into that 8.0 if last years 7.6 is not around anymore.

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The 8.0 in the new line up is a great ski but IMHO the new 2013 Viva 7.6 Still shines in this class of ski.  It may be one of the most under rated women's skis out there. 


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Very glad that Blizzard is not forgetting that petite women like to spend money on lots of different kinds of skis too.  Even with a rocker design, I've found that going over 160 doesn't really work for me.  Hope to get a chance to demo the Viva and Samba next winter.  Already know I like the Black Pearl 159 a lot after checking it out at Big Sky.

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Yeah but....no turned up tails still?


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Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post

Yeah but....no turned up tails still?



Its not a twin tip. its a freeride ski.  Not sure why the twin tip is necessary when you have slight rocker. 


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See my full review here


2013 Blizzard Dakota 170 CM


The day started out the day with somewhat firm conditions, but with the 76 degree temps in the forecast, we knew that "firm" wasn't a word we'd be thinking of for long. 
First turns off the top of KT22 heading toward the Saddle (Headwall Chair) firm groomers, it was pretty clear that the Dakota was going to be stable, hold an edge and get me where I wanted to go without a problem, but this is not where she would really shine.
Second run, off the top of Headwall Chair, we headed to North Bowl which has a fairly steep entrance, but goes into some moderate size bumps with a little crunchy snow on top, that would begin putting the Dakotas through their paces.
While grouping up with other friends, we took a few runs on Siberia which was already softening up nicely, which is where I played around with turn shape a bit. Its not surprising to know that small radius turns were not a strength, but in medium to long radius turns it was easy to make the transitions, find the sweet spot and bring it around. This made me biggrin.gif

As the day progressed, we found ourselves skiing great spring conditions in chutes, bumps and steeps, I found inspiration and confidence to just go for it. (or as the Blizzard rep says - SEND IT!). To steel from Segbrown's description It was so perfect I don't know how to describe it except to say I didn't even think about the ski all day, really, it was just an extension of my legs. Mostly we skied soft and deep snow in trees and chutes, not super tight but definitely not much wide open. I had little trouble with balance or quickness, they just skied. Whether untracked or not, didn't matter. No tip dive, no backseat, easy in moguls. 
The key difference being that she was skiing powder and I was skiing spring corn, but the description holds true and by the end of the day I said, "I want to own this ski." 

If I were to pick one thing as a con, in the game of pros and cons, is that its not so much fun when you begin to get tired out, while the Dakota doesn't punish you, she just seems to be happiest when you're on your game. 
All in all, women have been asking for real skis and Blizzard is delivering!!


Thanks for reading .....

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