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hot import cars/"The Fast & The Furious"

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Curious: How many Bears are into tuner imports (modified Hondas/Acuras/Supras/Diamond Stars)? Who's got what and what have you done to it? I thought "The Fast and The Furious" was pretty much a cartoon, but it WAS fun!
Hey, MelloBoy, whatever happened with your totaled Volvo?
Be well, all!
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I’ve got a wicked slow 87 Toyota Corolla with Stock Engine, Stock Tranny and a special home brew muffler. I’ve been slowly modifying the muffler over the last few years, letting it rust thereby enlarging the holes and reducing the backpressure, with noticeable increase in HP. I’ve also increased my summer HP by letting the AC go out. By not running the AC I get an immediate 10% increase in power. I’m not sure what torque I’m getting but I’m sure it’s down there. Unfortunately the state has objected to my muffler mods and refused my request for an inspection certificate. At least they don’t legislate AC. They did object to my metal on metal rear drums – go figure – I found them quite novel. I’m off to pep boys for tape and brake shoes – maybe for kicks I’ll finally fix the thermostat – it’s been stuck open for the last few years – makes for a cold ride down the canyon in winter. Maybe I’ll even change the oil – nah I changed it back in 99. As much as I like to dis my corolla, at 186000 miles (and an impeccably poor service record) it is surprisingly strong with hardly any oil burn or leak.

That Subaru WRX sure sounds nice, anybody got 25K they don’t need?

I forgot to mention how I stiffened up the rear suspension for a more sporty ride. Dopped a 200 lb rock into the spare wheel well - it really stiffened up the ride. Acceleration suffered a bit but the cornering performance definately improved.
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Sorry guys, but whenever I see a suped up Accord or Corolla I find myself laughing. Get real. If you are going to put that much money into a car for performance why not start with one that is more in that realm to begin with. It like putting a sharp edge on fat skis so you can ski the ice back east.
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Dude my corolla rocks - I'm talking 0-60 in under 14 seconds!! No shit under 14 seconds, I'm dead serious. Were talking .2g's on the skid pad.

And if your going to ski the ice on fat skis you damm well better have sharp edges
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Yo, Harpo, sounds like you have a SERIOUS machine there! (Also sounds like you've been hanging out with some tuners; you defintely have the lingo down!) Rio, you're right, there's not much point to a hopped up Corolla, but if you get a used, well-engineered front-drive car like an Honda Civic ($8,000 or so) or Acura Integra for $10,000 (good in snow, hatchback for utility--skis go inside), then spend $10,000 in good modifications (supercharger/turbo, aftermarket suspension, performance tires for summer), you can wind up with a better performer than most new rear-drive sports cars or sport sedans, and one you can use in ski country! Also, turbo/supercharged cars aren't killed by altitude, unlike normally aspirated cars ('87 Corollas?) that are starving over 7,000 feet! There's some method to the madness!
Be well, all!
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I can see doing a Civic or Integra because they are light & agile. You can come up with a fun car with great performance, handles well, gets great gas mileage and is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
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Guys, guys,...

You are skiers right? Souped up Hondas? Huh? The car of choice for skiers, comes from the other side of the world.....
Got quattro?

Nothing else compares....
2 Turbo Quattro Wagons

Right Kneale?
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Too funny.
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Not only is it normally aspirated, it actually has a carburetor. I really like my corolla because it emphasizes the “cheap bastard” image I’ve been cultivating.

The reason the thread caught my attention was that I had just read a review of the subaru imprezza wrx. 227 hp, AWD, supercharged?, 207? ft-lbs of torque, 0-60 in 5.7 sec……., all for about 25k. It really sounds like a screamer. I also have a 96 imprezza that handles great and moves right along with a lot less HP, torque than the WRX. You can keep your quatros - I'll take the Subaru WRX and the 15K (or 3 weeks of helitime in AK)

I had a 92 civic hatchback for awhile and although it was great commuter car, I wouldn’t spend money on the engine because the handling was so poor. It had terrible torque steer and would push around corners at the slightest hint of speed.
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I'll run with ya! I gots me a '90 Honda Civic EX 4dr sedan with 195,000 miles. I've tricked the aerodynamics by adding holes to the headlamps and a racing stripe across the windshiled (okay, it's actually a crack that runs the whole way across). I got me an OEM twin tip exhaust, and I'm pushing 104hp when the a/c is off and the engine isn't knocking. I bet I could beat your 14 second 0-60. And unlike you, I tricked mine out with a brand spankin new thermostat last month! Now, when the temp is above 50 degrees, I can run it below 210 deg. at 70mph. Mine even has the "poor msn's Tiptronic Tranny". That's right, I can shift it by moving the tranny lever from D1 to D2 to D3!! This car goes so damn fast, that the paint has started to peel off the front bumper. I was thinking about using 800mph tape to hold the paint on, but I like the look of speed it gives it. I'm considering putting one of those 2 foot tall rear wings on it to hold the back end down. **(on a somewhat serious note, what the hell is up with these front drive rice burners with the giant wings {I call them "handles" because it looks like the Jolly Green Giant might come along and snatch it up by it's wing} on the back? Hasn't someone mentioned to them that pushing the back end down on a front drive car actually *hurts* it's performance??)**

I also added some more trick items to my Civic, like a beeper to remind you that the headlights are on when you turn the car off (okay, I'm on my 4th battery because I used to burn them out - but that's a *feature*, right?), as well as a new alternator, and some trick chrome stems on the Michelin rubber. I even replaced the timing belt once, and spark plugs with Bosch Platinums twice!!!!

Dude! WE ROCK! (if I paint my fingernails black, will I be Someone's-csa hero? )
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the best wolf in sheeps clothing I have seen was back in the early 70's when Muscle cars were the thing, I was sitting on the "great Highway" watching the "races" late at night. There was one guy always there, never racing but just hanging with his girl friend (very Cute) they would sit there in a Ford Falcon (67 I think) looked very normal. good tires. faded original paint and a roll bar inside but otherwise it looked "slow" Finally one of the regular racers (very suped up camero) challenged this guy to a race (just because he was alway seen sitting there watching but never participating) he refused until the guy started hitting on his girl teasing her for hanging with a "loser"
This falcon just blew the doors off the camero. We never saw this guy again and I don't think anyone ever figured out what he had under the hood.
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back to imports, Did anyone ever do the pie tin on the air filter get better air fuel balance so your car runs better at High Alt?
Works great on older cars.
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My next door neighbor just started on a Dodge Swinger. They took the stock engine out last week and are waiting for their V8 race engine to show up. If he doesn't mess with the exterior (faded black paint), it will definitely be a stealth rocket.
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