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Bandit XXL

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Just purchased a 177 cm Bandit XXL 2000/2001 model but was irresponsible and did not do my best in finding out enough information about the ski before I bought it. Have read great reviews about the ski and how it handles almost any condition, anywhere you take it. I should note that I am a male but have read and heard that women's model skis are very similar, almost identical apart from different colors of the graphics on the topsheets. Some people have indicated that this model of the Bandits does not have the reputation of the past two years (2001/2002 and this year).
I am a lower advanced skier who has been on the K2 three of 178 cm length for the past five years and would like to upgrade equipment to hopefully greatly improve my skiing. I live in the southeast and primarily ski in North Carolina (ice, ice, more ice, and if we're lucky like this year some packed snow). In addition I enjoy skiing out west as well. For the most part, I want something that will go a variety of places (groomed, packed snow, light powder, steep, moguls) and will be able to make quick turns on hard snow and the "crud" that can end up in NC as well as challenge myself on steeper terrain and moguls out west. With this in mind, the Bandit X was recommended because of its more narrow waist.
If possible, would like some feedback, opinions, recommendations, any helpful information about the Bandit X and XX and/or skis that might fit what I am looking for. Thanks.

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Oboe ... call on line one.

Tom / PM
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I ski the XX (the 2002 model -basic red & white) in New Hampshire and enjoy it immensely in most conditions. Keep the edges sharp and it will be fine on ice (it's never a good idea to try to hold an edge on ice for long anyway or it will get you, so keep moving). If ice is what you see most though, you might want to look at a slightly stiffer, thinner ski (one of the Rossi Vipers might be a better choice, or consider one of the Atomics, e.g. SX:9, 11.20, or possibly the 9.12).
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There is a difference in stiffness between the xx and the xxladies model. My wife had that ski for some time and liked it. It will probably do the job for you but might have too much flex and chatter depending on how much you weigh and how aggresive you ski it.

Because of where you live i'm guessing you only ski about 10-15 times a year, and given you ability, it might be fine for you. Don't give up on it. Another thing I would like to say, so many people buy new equipment and new technology skis in hopes it will make them better. Newer and better quality skis may allow you to advance to another level of skiing, but it you who has to advance to that level. The ski isn't going to make you better. You have to do that on your own. Lessons are the easiest way to accomplish this. I suggest that if you really want to improve, take some lessons from a qualified person at your resort.

I should add that the xx is a better choice over the x for the versatility especially if you frequent the Western Resorts. Hopefully you won't have to take too much ribbing for being on a ladies ski.

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I ski mostly on the east in PA and WV and use the Bandit X at 177cm. I'm very satisfied with these for our conditions - usually hardpack and a few powder days. I was lucky and recently had an 8" powder day and was impressed with how they performed. However from what I hear the XX would have been even better but I just don't have that kind of powder very often. If you ski primarily in NC, you would probably be happy with the X or even the Viper. I've skied many days there at Ski Beech but its been quite some time since my last trip there. They have lots of ice and the X will handle that without problem. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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One of the main differences between the ladies and other versions of the same ski, is the mounting placement of the binding. It is usually different for women due to anatomical differeces such as center of mass.

So check the skis out with a professional [ ski shop technician ] to make sure the bindings are mounted based on your needs as a male skier.
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