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what fat ski?

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I do not know what really fat ski to buy, I am looking for something with a 120 to 130mm waist. I ski 160-169 usually. Any input?

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There are *so* many different options out there, from full on reverse-reverse powder skis, to hybrid/fun-shape designs, to big mountain charging skis.


Where do you ski, what kind of terrain (trees, big open bowls, etc.), what kind of snowpack (maritime, continental, etc), what kind of skis do you like (nimble, beefy, lively, damp, etc.), what kinds of skis don't you like, I could go on...


If you want any useful information (anything more than "buy this one brah, it's sick"), then you're going to have to give a *lot* more information about yourself and what you like and want.


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I like to ski trees and I want a reverse camber traditional sidecut nimble ski. We get really dry powder here.

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