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Length: 177cm

Sidecut: 113-86-113

Binding: Look XL


I spent an entire season on the Nordica Ace of Spades. I am on rails every single day, I live in Northern Michigan so we have a surplus of rails to help us forget that jumps are part of a terrain park. By the end of the season I had some edge splits but surprisingly no snaggle edges; that was a plus for me (I am 200lbs). When I did manage to find jumps I was stoked with them, they are light and they got tons of spring in the tip and tail. They performed well in nose and tail presses over rollers and had a great ollie. As far as the new vinyl top sheet that is designed to help decrease the amount of surface chips a scratches...I still managed to put my usual amount in. Overall I was impressed on how well the edges held up and how snappy the skis stayed through the entire season.