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Atomic Crimson TI versus Head i.Peak 78 PR Pro

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Has anyone tried both of these skis? Which do people recommend? 

I want an all-purpose travel ski for typical resort skiing. I want all mountain capability and still be able to enjoy piste cruising when tired or with friends.


Atomic Crimson Ti in 171 length... 130.5/88/116 with 16 radius 

Head i.Peak 78 PR Pro in 171 length... 124/78/110 with 14.6 radius 

any comments or skiing experience regarding these 2 skis would be greatly appreciated 

The desire is an all purpose travel ski that can be enjoyed at resorts the entire season and in all resort conditions. Primarily on slopes but would like to challenge some bowls and get off path occasionally.

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How big are you?  I'm assuming you want a ski with metal in it and have the weight/ability to handle these skis which are stiffer?


Sorry I can't comment on the difference between the skis, but the Crimson Ti has always been on my shortlist for conditions similar to what you describe as your needs.  I'm interested in what some people may have to say in response here.

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I'm 6' 2" and 215 lbs.... I'm a hockey player and play hockey or train nearly every day so I'm athletic. I'm new at skiing but am learning very quickly. I want good equipment but don't want to spend a fortune on multiple skis. I'm looking for a good all-purpose ski that I can train and develop on locally so I can enjoy the most of my ski trips to Colorado. I really appreciate peoples input and information.


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The Crimson is going to be better if you're looking to invest in just one pair of skis.


Also look into the Volkl Kendo, would be a good option also.

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Yeah... add the Vokl Kendo to the discussion... 


I checked out the Volk Kendo...


looks like it's coming down to the Atomic Crimson TI versus the Vokl Kendo


would love to hear about anyones experience with either ski

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Actually the Head iPeak 90 may be a closer comparison.   


I haven't tried either of the specific models you mentioned but have really liked both Head and Atomic in general.  That said, for the all-mountain (meaning going off-piste, into trees, through cut up crud) the Crimson Ti sounds like the ticket.



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I can't believe no one has said this: 

First get boots that fit correctly and then demo skis, or buy skis that will help you grow in the sport.  


But the real key here is Boots First!  


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yeah... the importance of good fitting boots is already understood... I have already experimented with that. Exactly like my ice skates, they will be fitted perfectly for my feet.

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Someone here has a pair of demo Atomic Crimson Ti in 178 length for sale (including binding) at a great price, you might wanna check that out.



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Ya that is a rockin deal. I've got an older pair of Crimsons in 169, I'm 5'8. I would think the 178 is the right length for topshelf. While my old Crimsons are way different than what you're looking at I think the mission/application is still the same, solid all mountain ski that is very capable on piste.

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