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ACL tear

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I needed a forum to find and talk in because I want to hear other stories to help my sadness.


I am 46 and grew up skiing. I have lived at the foot of the Sierras all my life and have access to some of the greatest ski resorts around from a 15 min drive to 45 min, to get to Squaw.


I skied from the time I was 8 till I was 25. From 20-25 I worked at Mt Rose as a lift operator and finally an instructor. Life changes took away skiing. Kids, money, work...blah blah.


I went up for the first time this year. Picked it up like a kid. In no time I was on black diamonds with confidence, total control and hitting moguls like I was 20 again.


Friday on my last run, I hit some solid ice under powder and my tips crossed, my one ski did not release and the sound you never want to hear, was heard.


Now I sit in a brace waiting for surgery for an ACL tear and broken knee cap.


Please tell me some positive stories that at my age I will be able to ski again?


I got the taste and now, I don't want to ever give it up again.


TY for your time.





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Marion, lots of useful info on ACL's in the injury section of this forum.  its not the end of the world I promise.

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I had ACL surgery in 04' and happy to report I never had a problem with surgery or the recovery. My doctor was a guy who preferred to use hamstring graft, and suggested I go that route. I was several years older than you are and there was no question for me about having surgery. I would do a little research on the doctor before. Follow the protocol for rehab and it should be piece of cake. The first few days can be little tough. To help you through the whole experience please go to This is Bob's Knee Board, a place where you can ask questions and share stories. My repaired knee is solid and haven't looked back. Good Luck!!
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I had mine reconstructed in March of last year.  I cycled a century on my bike in under 5 hours in September, hike for a week in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons with 3,000 ft climbs and an average 10 miles a day in October, and skied 45 days this season (would've been more, but the snow is crap in CO).  There is absolutely no reason for you not to return to your former level of activity.  Get a decent doc, a decent PT, and follow the rehab religiously.



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I know tons of people who have torn acl's and recovered just fine. Just make sure you do all the rehab that they tell you to do and you will be fine!

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Welcome to EpicSki!!!
I'm sorry the acl bought you to us. Many find that I the rehab, you will learn tactics & exercises that will make skiing more enjoyable!
Keep us posted!

Find the right PT!
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Welcome to Epic...I am doing great after my second blown ACL- is a thread with some good positive outcomes.  Listen to your DR and PT, put in the work and you should be fine for most things with a very good chance to continue to improve your skiing.


Lots of other good info here via the search feature.

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