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D-chan and Skiminker

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Thanks for a wonderful time in SF!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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you are welcome.

We all had a great time too..

By the way, you can now tell all your friends you have had a wine from of the hottest winemakers on the market.
Turley Zinfindal. Although it was not their best, It's very hard to come by.
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I don't know dchan. Hot wine doesn't sound very appealing.
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har har har
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Who me? why?
skiminker has the pictures. As soon as she kills the rest of the roll I'm sure there will be pictures. Oh yeah, 4 of us. MarkXS was with us too<FONT size="1">

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Didja have any sand dabs at the wharf?

Hey what's down this run? SnoKarver
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Hey All!!
Yes, I have Pics, but as Dchan pointed out I have to finish the roll. We all had a fantastic time at dinner and the pics should be funny (after 3 glasses of wine, well ya know)

Look for the pics in about 2 weeks or so.

Deep yogic breaths...
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Turley Zin. I'm impressed. Where did you find it? One place I saw their zinfandels was on a menu in Monterey. It was not one of their famous vineyards but it was still ooey, gooey and chewy -- in the good sense. My wife and I then found out that they had a backlist for wines that had the Black Sears vineyard Zinfandel - but not from their 96 or 98 pt year. They let my wife buy it and take it home where it made a dandy birthday present for me. Yumm.

I've recently joined the Palm PDA crowd and am looking into wine and tasting note databases. I think trying to describe the wine on paper or PDA helps the winte tasting because you have to come up with more specific descriptions for the wine other than I liked it. First entry was a '98 Rosenblum Petite Sirah - nice foreward blackberry, still young (tannins), but long pleasant finish.
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It's about calling the wine shops every few days after a release is expected. Got 4 bottles of old vines and 2 bottles of duarte. had a chance to get some grist vineyard but at 57.00 a bottle and a requirement of purchasing a bottle of old vines at 30.00 I decided it was not quite worth that much.

wonderful stuff. I had the Grist at Farallon last year. My wine buddy scored me a bottle of dogtown estate too.

Just have to be persistant.

As far as Palm/PDA stuff. I have yet to find a good one. Since I have a cellar and a Primasoft's wine cellar software I use this to keep my notes. I just create a notepad in my PDA for the notes and then copy and past them into my database when I sync up. I am thinking about setting up a little database to load on my PDA but it also means another piece of software I have to interact with. Maybe I can figure out how to make a conduit for the pda to primasoft's database.
I'll keep you posted.

By the way that wine you tried sounds great.
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It's you west coast wine dudes bidding up the prices that cause all the problems!

I stopped tracking California wines when the price shot up. Is that Turley like in Helen Turley of Marcassin? I was once given a bottle of their Chard. I hate chardonnay but that was a pretty incredible wine. To them, "unfiltered" means big hunks of grape skin are still floating in bottom of the bottle. The Zin must have twigs and seeds in the bottom.
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Yes Helen Turley. Great stuff...

Like I said, Grist went out of my price range. I got the Duarte for <30.00 the oldvines at 24.00

I'll pay a fair price but the one shop I think is asking too much...
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Hee hee! I got a bottle of Turley Duarte too!! The old vine was fantastic and I am not usually a fan of Zin (of course the company might have increased my enjoyment of the wine too!!)

Deep yogic breaths...
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Hey, I just got back tonight from my trip and also wanted to thank DChan, SkiMinker, friends and family for a great time in SF. Dinner was great, the wine was excellent, and the company was superb!

(I cheated on the "loop of North America by Rail" concept ... so I'm back early. I bailed from Amtrak after 3 weeks of trains. I decided to fly back from AZ after hiking at the Grand Canyon, instead of 3 more days of trains.)
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welcome home Mark
you are very welcome. We had a blast too. Definately good company.
<FONT size="1">

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I couldn't agree with Dchan more
It was great to hang with you and LM! What a great evening that was!

Deep yogic breaths...
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Oh, and about those SF hills..... I did some running, or attempted to. Ya' think if they were ski trails they'd be Black Diamonds?

Gotta' tell you, I'll never think of Beacon hill as steep again!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Nah, blues

these are just little hills...


You are right by the way. To give you an idea some of the steepest hills in SF are close to 40 degrees or about the same as some of the steepest runs inbound at a lot of the "harder" resorts. I think Alf's high rustler tops out at 41 or 42 degrees.

Definately black diamond material. Now all we need is a huge snow storm.
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