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boot too short

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My wife has a pair of Dynafit Gaia's.  They sized the boots to her shorter foot; fit is perfect.  Longer foot needed a punch.  This worked fine but the plastic (pebex?) will not hold a punch.  Three different people tried; works fine for about 5 days.  Toe box grind did not solve the problem.  Nor did a lift.  She has a custom footbed.


Will grinding out the heeel help?  She doesn't need too much space, since the punch did work.  Or will a heel grind cause other issues? 


I may just buy another pair and mix and match sizes.





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You can try grinding heel area out it may work. You can also try padding the vamp area of the liner. This will help hold the heel back in the boot.

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the gaia is polyurathane, which on the one hand is a plus for doing perfect shell shape changes. the inability to get a toe punch to work well has to do with the way the boot shell and the bolt on sole come together at the toe box. heating 2 different materials simultaneously is a task that only the best of the best bootfitters can accomplish.


as far as a heel grind goes for a gaia, there is some material to work with. we have had some luck with the gaia/zeus/titan doing a heel cup expansion using an ultracam stretcher that has an internally heated ball with an external ring.


i also like burgmans idea of using some form of padding like a tongue shim or eliminator tongue or pinch pads to help drive the heel to the back of the shell via the lower shin/instep



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have you stretched the liner out too?   might be worth opening the seam on the toe of the liner, and heating it up a bit

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further to all the above,


the way the shell interfaces with the sue pad can cause issues but these are resolvable 


Daves point about the liner is very true, the liners on that boot series is really tough so attacking it may be a great option

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So I cut the stitching around the toe and stretch it out.  What do I do after that?  Isn't the liner going to come apart if I don't stitch it back up?  Am I missing something here?

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you can use a thin tape, over the cut you have made, to prevent snow, or more tearing.   I have not seen any liners come apart more, but if you are worried, this can help

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What is the Sue Pad, please?

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read "sole" pad, not to be confused with soul patch.rolleyes.gif



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