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Okay, why do my front brakes make so much dang noise? Even after I scrubbed them clean (no, I didn't lube my rims! he he! I know someone who did) and they are dry, they still make a hideous squeal when I brake. Although they work just fine, it's a bit annoying.
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you can try changing to softer brake pads. or harder. just different. or put small diagonal slots in the pads.<FONT size="1">

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JohnH - Sounds like your brake pads are not aligned correctly. You should have a slight amount of toe-in on the pads. That should eliminate the squeal.

Back when I had rim brakes, I'd stick a pennt under the front part of the pad when adjusting them. That always seemed to give me the perfect amount of toe-in.
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Toe-in is a biggie, as Gill said. But I think you want to put the penny/spacer under the rear edge of the pads so that the front edge contacts the rim first (sorry if I'm misunderstanding your description, Gill).

If your pads are glazed they will also squeak, so sometimes sanding off any surface glaze will help.

If you've done both without much success you might want to try different pads. I've had good success with Scott Mathauser pads in the past (don't know if they're still available--I think the salmon-colored Kool-Stop pads use the same compound and come as Shimano V-brake refills) but I'm sure there are other good ones around.<FONT size="1">

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The toe in works well for center pull brakes but with V-brakes it is usually the pad or rim being glazed (as mentioned above) I usually scrub the rim with a brillo type pad to get rid of excess dust buildup and then rough up the pads a bit. Tho check for wear on the pads too, I had a guy come into the shop once where his pads had worn to the metal backing, then into the rim...
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Andrew - Yep, that's what I ment. Thanks for correcting my bad advice. Heh, heh (sheepish grin) it's kinda hard to get toe-in when adding a spacer to the FRONT of the pad. D'oh!
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As I looked at my bike tuesday before my ride, I noticed some debris build up in the groves in the pads. That helped some, but the squeaking came back. I do think the pads are glazed. I will try sanding them, but I'll probably replace them.

DB, yeah, they are 2 year old XT pads. I got the bike last may, new. These are the original pads.

It looks like they may have some sort of indicator/noise maker on them, the same a car brakes do. In the center slot of the pads, there is a small round piece of something (don't know if it's metal, but I would hope not), that has started to contact the rims. I'm guessing that that and the fact that the pads are glazed are what is making so much noise.
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dont brake

you dont seem the type to admit defeat that easily...
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When I get new pads (definitely on the short list), I certainly won't be getting Shimano. On my old bike, I went from the OEM Shimano pads to some Ritchie pads, and the difference was night and day.

Are Kool Stops and Aztecs the best things out there? How do the Ritchie Logic pads or others fall in the mix? What others should I be sure to avoid? What's a good price point? In other words, are $40 pads any better than $25 pads, but stay away from anything under $15???

DB, thanks for the link, I'll check it out, but for some reason, every time I try to go to MTBR, it's a painfully slow process. I think there may be some fire wall incompatibilities, slowing it way down. That's why I never go to their forums.
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Thanks for the response, DB. I'll do a brief review when I get new pads.
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