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Sad.. Ending a birthday tradition. :(

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My birthday is today. For over a decade, my birthday party ( either on my birthday or the closest Saturday or Sunday) has been at Monarch.


You see, for years, Monarch has given away a free day in April to people who purchase a Colorado Gems card.  http://www.coloradoski.com/colorado-gems-card


So, for $10, pretty much everybody I know that skis can come out on my birthday.


For the past decade, EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY, Monarch's present has been a birthday Blizzard.  My norm is having a day where there is 12" on the ground, its blowing like a hurricane, and I get fresh tracks bell to bell.  


This is the first year I've had to break that tradition. No snow, half of the mountain is closed, and I'm not skiing there. http://store.skimonarch.com/snow_report/


I'm very sad.

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No sympathy from the land of long lost snow, tall grass, flowering trees, and seasonal allergies.tongue.gif  Hey, at least you made it to another birthday.


Did you or your friends get the Monarch Pass and use it to explore interesting partner ski areas?

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Why didn't you ski? 42 trails open...


"Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most"


Once I was a sentimental thing;Threw my heart away each spring.Now a spring romanceHasn't got a chance.Promised my first dance to winter.All I've got to show's a splinterFor my little fling.
Spring this year has got me feelingLike a horse that never left the post.I lie in my roomStaring up at the ceiling.Spring can really hang you up the most.
Morning's kiss wakes trees and flowers,And to them I'd like to drink a toast.But I ski in the parkJust to kill the lonely hours.Spring can really hang you up the most.
All afternoon the birds twitter-twitt.I know the tune. this is love, this is it.Heard it beforeAnd don't I know the score.

and I've decided spring is a bore.

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Anachronism, Happy Birthday!



I realize it's sad to not be able to ski today, but on the other hand, another year of being able to ski awaits you, so that's worth celebrating.


My birthday is in June.  I'm hoping to be able to ski on my birthday (or the weekend before/after, since Crystal will be open on weekends only, if they are able to stay open.) 



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Why not turn a negative into a positive? Use it as an excuse to try something new or different like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, paragliding...something that you usually wouldn't get to do on your birthday because all that snow was getting in your way biggrin.gif A lot of other stuff worth doing over there.


Happy birthday, anyway!

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"All that snow getting in your way".. no entiendo

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Happy Brithday...I did Vail the Sunday before last for my birthday and Copper today with some friends who used to live here- conditions were less than ideal both days, but I still had a good time- there are a lot worse things than skiing groomers under sunny skies.

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post


Why didn't you ski? 42 trails open...


Well, I don't live close by anymore, and the snow is too terrible to justify getting a room like I would need to to ski there.  The past few years I've still gotten out there, but not this year.


Still, I realize its my own fault. Had I managed to go skiing today, I probably would have somehow gotten my April miracle of 18" of snow...

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