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Anybody out there using these?
Appreciate any info on fit, performance, durability, service, etc.
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mostly Utah49 raving about the company. I was in there last year & I am seriously going to consider them for my next boot.
next time you are in Salt Lake stop by there plant & try some on. they are different but have been doing things fr years others are now imitating ( laterally stiff flexy fore & aft.) plus they do fit them to whtever you have hanging from the ends of your legs.
I have never skiied them but my fiends that have are very happy.
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in the event you don't have it.
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Yeap I think Daleboot is on to something good.Dale made new liners for my TNT's and i couldn't be happier.The old TNT's will be heading for Boot hill soon and my next pair of boots will be Daleboots.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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