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Need to decide about Tignes or Val Thorens May 4-5, 2012

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I need to decide very soon whether to extend a business trip to Geneva in order to do end-of-season skiing May 4-5. I believe both Tignes and Val Thorens will still be open, but just barely. I have never been there (or skied anywhere in the Alps), so I would love to try it, but don't know whether conditions will passable.


Can anybody local tell me whether it would likely be worth the cost and hassle to do late-season skiing in the Alps?



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if i was to choose out of the two - it would have to be Tignes as the Grande Motte glacier has some great skiing and the snow will be good up there... 


i have always meant to do some summer skiing there...


having never skied there that late i can't tell you what it will be exactly like then... so worth the expense i don't know...


also another option may be the Zermatt glacier... it has some great skiing too and is higher... 

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Thanks for the suggestion of Tignes.


At this point, I'm trying to decide whether to go anywhere at all. I very much want to ski the Alps, but not sure whether it's worth packing ski gear along with business suits for a brief trip in the late season.

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According to the Ski Club of GB site, Tignes is still fully open, has a 75-cm (#~30") base a the lower altitude (deeper up top), and has had over a foot of snow in the last week. The weather forecast for the next 10 days shows the freezing level to be at or below base altitude and snow showers most days, so things are looking good.




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I skied Tignes in May 2008- another good snow year that saw skiing back down to the ~2000 m village.  They did not have the top of the glacier open the day I went because of some wind (which was very light lower down).  Skiing was very enjoyable spring conditions with sunny skies- not overly firm when I first got out and quite soft in the afternoon.  Had the top been open, it would have been almost 5 K of vert available.  They had good early snow this year and a bit of a top of recently, so it MIGHT be similar. I think the link to Val d`Isere closes May 1, so you will be missing that.


For me, it was only about a half hour trip up the road as I was living in Bourg St Maurice at the time.  If you have never skied the Alps before, it might be worth the hassle to take boots and one spring outfit just to get an idea of the size of these resorts.  Then again, the skiing that time of year is more limited than earlier in the season and you never know exactly what conditions will be like.  If weather moves in above tree line (most of Tignes), then you really can`t see much.


Tignes is a safer bet for skiing because of the glacier, but I believe May 5 is the end of the Dutch week in Val Thorens, so that could be fun as well. 

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The snowconditions in Val Thorens are excellent at the moment and will continue to improve for the upcoming two weeks. It will be snowing every day and the temperature stays low. So, every resort will be a good choise!


The Dutch Week will end at the 4th of May:



On our forum in the Netherlands the conditions in Val Thorens are posted every day:


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It looks like my business trip is getting extended to May 4, so at the moment it doesn't seem as if I'll have enough time to ski if I want to be back home by May 6. frown.gif


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Update: I ended up skiing at Les Grands Montets (Chamonix) on May 5, which stayed open later than expected due to late-season snow. See report at http://www.epicski.com/t/112349/1-day-solo-at-chamonix-les-grands-montets-may-5-2012

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