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fiberlene vs. coffee filter

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Yes I know I'm a cheapskate, but haven't been able to find fiberlene to try out for a reasonable price without having to pay double the price for shipping.

So people who are experienced fiberlene users, can you give some comments if it really that much superior over your run of the mill disposable paper coffee filter?  


Reason I thought of a coffee filter, is often this is the poorman's substitute for lintfree paper.

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Heavy duty paper towels are a much better substitute.  Good quality ones don't have lint issues.

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I may be wrong, because I haven't done the math, but I doubt that fiberlene is more expensive than the coffee filters.


A couple of years ago, I bought a 10"-wide roll of fiberlene, cut it in half, and I'm barely making a dent in the first half.  To wax a pair of skis, I may be using between 6 and 12" of that, depending on the grime accumulated on the bases.  This translates to pennies per pair of skis.


Before fiberlene, I used high quality paper towels, but they tend to be quite good heat insulators, and make it difficult to control the iron/wax temp.





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slidewright has the standqrd-size roll for $13, or a (more convenient) half-width roll for $9.  I don't recall Terry's shipping costs, but I bet they are very fair.


I bought my roll locally at rei for about $15 (they have it xeasonally every year)

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