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1/2 cm forward a big deal?

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Bought some used Cochise with Dukes from a guy with same boot size supposedly.  After setting them properly I notice my boot mid line is about 1/2 cm forward of ski mid line (little red arrow on side?)   


Is this going to make a big difference in the way they are supposed to ski?  


How would Griffon or Jester compare to the Dukes for alpine only anyway? Is it worth selling and remounting with a different binding?  Thanks

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Will it be noticeable, yes, if you skied them at the recommended first. Now if you used them they'd seem a little easier to initiate, slightly quicker to turn. That being said it's not really a bad thing, you lose a little stability and float with less tip, but not much. Try them how they are, you might like them there.


As far as the Dukes, they will work fine for alpine, always nice to have the option to tour with the same set of binding anyways. I would only suggest remounting with the Jesters if you don't like where the midsole currently is and/or don't plan on touring ever.

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don't worry about 1/2 cm, it won't be noticeable

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+1/2 is perfectly OK.  I actually prefer even a little farther forward if I'm mounting something new.  If I get a deal on something already mounted I'm usually just fine with anything between -2 and +2 but prefer fore to aft mounts because I ski a lot of hardpack and light fresh 6"-12".  A little behind the center line works better in deep snow for me though. 


If you hate them just send them to mebiggrin.gif

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1/2 cm is not worth remount imo.  Most would not notice the diff.  Besides, if you remount, would the distance form the old and new wholes be enough?

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 After reading about the test @ snowbird regarding the campbell balancer. I would mount the bindings based on ball of foot on center of running surface & not recomended manufacters mount.


 The guy that had the skis before you could have had the same size of boots as you & did this because your boot moved forward about a .5 cm. It would not surprise if it is even enough but the direction used to be forward all the time from what I have herd but as improved over the years.

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