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What are YOUR July 4th plans??

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Interested in what everyone around the USA is planning for July 4th this year...

Here in Texas, I will spend 3-4 days out at my buddy's ranch on the Guadalupe River, which runs through the heart of the Texas hill country. Activities will include (but are not limited to):

- drinking beer
- playing in the river
- country dancing under the stars
- cooking BBQ out on the grill
- playing my guitar while sitting on the back porch
- hanging out with beautiful bikini-clad co-eds
- spending an ungodly amount of money on 20 minutes of fireworks

The temperatures should be in the low to mid 90s, but the water should feel fine!

How about you? What are your plans?
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probably do some hay bale hunting, maybe a swimming/barbeque party and a little reflection on how we became a "free" country. Then get ready for more work...
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I think I'm going to go play golf. No evening plans since I have a 1 month old baby at home.
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my plans for july 4th....
trying to get back together with my ski loving ex girlfriend who just dumped me a few days ago for a reason i still don't yet comprehend =T

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sorry man, that sucks. good luck.

I am going to a big blowout BBQ party on the evening of the 3rd and recovering on the beach with a book, for the 4th (all the while thinking of how lucky I am am to be an American!)

Deep yogic breaths...
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Hopefully, I'm going to be out playing with my new boat. My builder told me a year and a half ago that it was going to be done Memorial Day... I neglected to pin him down as to which one. It's just about ready to go...

Otherwise, I'm going to stay home and sulk.
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My plans just changed. Swap golf for mountain biking.

Mello - that sucks. But if she doesn't want you, then she's no good, right?

Geoff, Sorry to hear your boat taking so long. It'll probably be ready the week after labor day, or as soon as the weather turns cold. You should have some sort of penalty clause in the contract for late delivery. My father just sold his old boat yesterday, and bought a new (used) one today. Unfortunately, it's up in Conn., and still needs a survey and sea trial. He's going from sail to power. Should be interesting.
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First I'll start the neighbors' roof on fire with bottle rockets then I'll blow my hand of with an M-80!

What a great holiday!

Actually, I'll do a long road ride or a long climbing ride into the mtns with my friend who suffers with me in The Cubiculum.

There is a 50 mile enduro race/ride in Breckenidge, the Firecracker 50, which would be crazy for me to ride with my lack of altitude and climbing time.

The M-80 might be a better option.

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Been there, done that. Good luck getting a reason, but more likely you'll get a list of excuses, if anything. Can boil down to a lack of maturity: an inability to fess up to core issues because the person just fears resolving them, fears being willing to compromise (like a surrender of self). Of course, this woman may feel like the above describes you and she cannot have a relatiionship with herself.

Buona fortuna.

Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Please no injuries with "safe and sane" fireworks. (oxymoron) My wife does not need the work. (Hand therapist).

Have a safe Fourth of July.. (for those non US residents, hope your next national holiday is enjoyable as well)
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Fying out to SF on the 4th for a fitness conference. Later that week get to meet Mink and d-chan! YIPEEEEE!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Selling toys to all the folks who are off work on the 4th. Kayaks, canoes, bikes, backpacking and climbing gear.
On the 5th I start a week or so of vacation. Kayaking, hang gliding, skating, hiking, mountain biking. Oh yeah. Yardwork, painting, deferred house maintenance, too. You know the drill.
But for the 4th of July weekend, I'll be working at something I really enjoy.
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It's not that she doesn't want me fortunately...atleast a long talk is in the works for the 4th

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Going camping with my guy in NH.
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Work. I'll be out doing environmental investigations and summer is our busy season. Everyone else hates it but it leaves me with time off during the winter.
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I am on a pyrotech crew that loads the big firework shows. I have one to do on the fourth and another on the seventh. So I guess the answer to the qestion is...playing with exposives.

The company I work with has a contract to do some of the fireworks at the winter Olympics and our crew is hoping to be selected for the job...we have experience working in the snow as we do the shows in Mammoth...could be interesting.
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Who do you work for??
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I work for the state (NJ), under an EPA contract. Basically, I handle the EPA asbestos investigations on industrial jobs and schools.

My average day during summer is something like 15 hours with a non-stop beeper. But, every time I start burnout I think of that time off in winter.............

Pyro sounds like fun...... but you don't wanna hear the guy next to you say OOPS??
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In Portland checking out their July 4th celebration, while making my way down to SF to meet a bunch of the gang.

Meanwhile for Canada Day (let's not forget our friends from the Great North) I got in some turns on Horstman Glacier at Blackcomb, and even was able to ski down from there to the Rendezvous lodge, thus eliminating one bus ride. Skiing Blackcomb during the summer entails a lift to another lift to a bus to another lift, but since they still had some cover down to there, there was less download.

Consistency kind of like mashed potatoes sprayed with teflon. But it was still skiing, eh? O Canada, that keeps your trails open so long, long may you prosper!
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Were going to a beer tasting,bar-b-que,and then light off the neighborhood kids fireworks.
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Kayak, barbecue, fish for stripers, boogie board, hang by pool, maybe golf.

The best thing is I have 5 days off from work!!
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I just found out that beside doing some of my own shooting (archery) I will also be teaching some of my friends kids. 11,9,7 year olds.
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Swimming, grilling, and drinking beer at the in-laws. Temps at 100 degrees.


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I will be celebrating my 39th birthday.

Nice to see all you guys/gals celebrating as well. What is the occasion?

Just kidding ... happy birthday USA!

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Well, the 4th has passed, and I'm still alive. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday...

Here's a recap of my week:

Weather: the weather was exceptionally cool for this time of year in the Texas hill country. Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday were in the high 80s. The nights were beautiful, with the moon almost full.

River: the Guadalupe was in fine form, a little down from earlier this summer, but not bad. Actually met some folks next door to my buddy's place and hung out all day and night. We BBQ'd some pork chops and venison sausage, and pounded down cases of beer.

4th of July: spent the day at our new-found friends' home in Kerrville. Beautiful view of the valley below, with an infinity pool to lounge in. Smoked out some chicken wings and ribs as an appetizer to the night's main course of brisket. Mmmm... Hooked up with some just-graduated co-eds, but that's another story...

Rest of the week: spent time with my family in west Texas...played golf today, but the temps were much hotter out here. 97 today. At least I shot lower than the temperature...87 for me.

Anyway, should be heading to Colorado in few weeks to get in some mountain time. I heard the temps there were hotter than here!! Hopefully, that will change soon...
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