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Salomon Shoguns. What length?

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Hi all!

I'm a 42 years old guy from Greece and this is my first post here so be gentle smile.gif and excuse my mediocre English!

I ski for about 15 years and i consider myself as an advanced on piste skier meaning;

Able to carve with comfort on blue runs.

Parallel, mostly skidding turns, on reds and blacks with good speed control and also able to carve on reds until i reach my speed limit!

I feel quite comfortable with speeds up to 30 - 40mph.

I'm 6 2" and i weight about 192lbs. I currently ride on Salomons 24Hours 1.70 (which i find a bit short)

I have only a little experience off-piste but i'd like to spend more time on that. Searching for a ski mostly for off-piste use with backcountry capabilities as well, i came across Salomon Shoguns (probably combined with Salomon's new Guardian binding). I was advised that it's a good all-mountain set up, fairly light and quite appropriate for Greek snow conditions (not really deep powder, mainly deep wet heavy snow).

So the Shoguns will be my off-piste skis (i intend to keep 24Hours for piste use) to start and hopefully develop with.

I'm towards 191 but i wonder if they will be to long and difficult for me to handle (considering i have no off piste background). Next size would be 182 but i doubt they can float really well in deep fresh snow.


I would appreciate any advice from you guys.





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From my point of view, you should try the 182.  

I'm sure others will pop in here to tell you that I'm wrong.  biggrin.gif

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I have demoed the Shogun, rather liked it.  The Shogun is 98mm wide and I felt it was perfect for powder up to 6" deep.  Actually in that length a 98mm wide ski can do really well in knee deep snow, especially with the rocker in the tip.  This ski is really good for mixed snow conditions (some wet, some tracked out, variable crud).   I'll agree with Trekchick about the 182.  In my opinion you won't really gain that much in the way of flotation by going to a 191, not in the conditions you've described, and it will be more difficult to turn if you're not experienced.


Welcome to Epicksi; have fun skiing!

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Thank you both for your replies!

Truth is, off-piste wise, i'm not experienced at all. Actually Shoguns will be my first pair of mid fat skis!

The 191 was suggested by my local Salomon distributor (who happens to be a friend of mine) considering mostly my height and weight and that i'm quite aggressive, at least on piste.

I'm leaning too towards 182, supposing the 191 will be also quite stiffer and heavier for sidecountry - backcountry use.


Thank you once again for your kind suggestions.






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Resurrecting an old thread here. My local ski shop is selling off a pair of demo Shoguns in 173. I wondered whether they might suit my daughter (15yrs, 164cm tall and about 70kg). She has just quit from racing but wants to keep skiing and I thought some trips off piste might be fun for her.

What I am wondering is about the length. 173 feels a little short (we are talking about a girl who raced Super-G last season on 195, so a long ski isn't going to put her off). On the other hand she has never really been off piste or skied a fat ski before. So that might point towards 173 being about right.

Obviously since they are demo skis she could take them out for an afternoon. But we have no natural snow, just some lumpy snow cannon hardpack at the moment. So it won't be much of a test....

Any opinions?
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I have a similar situation as hyperkub, I also spotted a pair of 2011 Salomon Shogun 173's locally and I was wondering whether the jump from a Volkl Gotama 160 would be too much? Im 5'6", 120lbs and an intermediate to advanced skier. The Volkl's just arent giving me enough flotation in the powder, but I would still like to have a ski that is manuverable in tight trees but would get the job done on the groomers as well. Is the Shogun the ski for me or does anybody have any other recommendations?

Thanks any help would be appreciated!


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I'm just a lowly advanced intermediate skier, 5'3", 150# (163 cm, 68kg) and I ski Shoguns/Geishas (the identical ski with a more feminine topsheet) at 163, which feels pretty powerful once I get it going. 173 sounds massive for recreational resort skiing, but if she's an expert and all muscle (I'm not), she might be able to handle it.

However, I'm not sure why you want to put her in a recreational ski that's taller than she is, when the recommended length for an advanced/expert skier is forehead height. Remember, these aren't race skis; they can be carved, but they have a strong soft snow bias and even when freshly sharpened, they do not love even Utah "ice." But they're a hoot in soft conditions, crud, powder, and all kinds of variable stuff.

Which begs the question I probably should have begun with--how will she be using them? What kind of conditions will they be used in most? What kind of skiing does she prefer when not racing?

Edited to add: note that although there's some early rise, these are not the kind of heavily rockered boards that ski much shorter than they are.
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I have skied Shoguns since they came on the market. The 182 cm's can handle all types of terrain and snow conditions. They are a rock solid all around ski. I even use mine in the bumps.
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I have heard that the Shoguns run a bit short, have you noticed that? Does anybody have any idea how long they really are?
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Assuming I measured correctly, 49"/127cm when almost entirely decambered (they're fully cambered, and I measured them on a table and couldn't get them completely flat by hand). Just about all of the rise is at the tip.
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