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Shane McConkey Documentary

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Don't think this has been posted yet so I thought I'd share. Matchstick has put together a 90 min documentary about the life of Mr. McConkey due sometime next year. It's hard to deny this guy's influence on the sport considering the way he pushed the limits. I'm looking forward to it. Any thoughts on McConkey?

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Still feel sad he is not here and pushing the edge while having a good laugh.  Amazing guy and he couldn't have been any other way.

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While visiting Crested Butte, my friend showed me a slope that Shane McConkey hiked up so he could skate down and build speed before flying into a run known as "rambo" that is reputed to be the steepest inbounds run in the US.  Even after my friend pointed out where he landed, its still hard for me to believe without seeing him do it with my own two eyes!

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Matt Bellevue, a ski instructor at Breck and former freeskier, was there when McConkey did that.  It was part of the freeride tour.  Or so Matt told me.



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Skiing Squaw and seeing people who were close to Shane on a regular basis, its hard to not see the impact all around. 

His wife, a great yoga instructor, is such a beautiful person with a generous spirit. 

I look forward to seeing this movie. 


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Looking forward to this one for sure.  Can't wait until it comes out.  

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Shane McConkey movie premieres at Tribeca Fest


Denver Post 03/26/13

The late Shane McConkey performs the first-ever urban ski BASE jump off the roof of the Silver Legacy hotel casino in Reno, Nev., in 2007.



Till it comes to your local theatre (or DVD player) here's a little sumpin' to tide you over...


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There won't be a dry eye in the audience when this airs.

Rock in peace, Shane!

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I bumped into Sherry at Squaw yesterday.

 Its really great to see Shane's family out there having fun and embracing their home mountain. 

She is an incredibly beautiful woman in all aspects. 

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There's a screening at palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco tonight, but sadly it sold out several days ago. Wish they would add a second/later screening, but apparently not happening. Pays to pay attention.  :-(


Some small solace...





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I posted a review after the premier at Squaw. 

I hope to see more reviews from different perspectives. 


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I saw it on Friday.  A fair number of people there had known him.  I won't review it here but seeing a well done film like this amongst a crowd of skiers, his family, including his mother, and friends was pretty incredible.  As I type this it's beginning to snow.  There are natural and human forces we can observe, accept, and appreciate but not understand.

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I saw it last night.  It was really well done.  The really humanized him and turned it into a story about the different choices people make to pursue happiness in life.  It was equal parts sad, scary, uplifting and inspiring.  Beyond his incomparable skiing, I came away thinking about risk and reward, mortality, and the need we all feel to break out of the box of an "ordinary" life.  He was an amazing pioneer who kept upping the complexity and difficulty of his skiing exploits.  To combine skiing with base jumping and body suits is just hard to fathom and he pulled it off many times.  What was also telling was that some of his buddies that also have a higher tolerance for risk...guys like snowboarder Jeremy Jones...even they were awed by the level of risk he was taking at the end.  I thought it was a great piece b/c it provided a lot of the nuance that we don't get in ski movies and the viewer is left with a lot of conflicting thoughts.  My wife is not a real hard core skier and she thought it was a great story and was really torn up by the family angle related to his wife and daughter.  Its really worth checking out. 

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McConkey is on Netflix (streaming) now...




I've seen a lot of ski films and documentaries over the last few years, but this is a truly amazing story, and so beautifully told! One of the best documentaries I've ever seen - just f'n awesome all the way around!!  If you haven't seen it yet check it out!  Thumbs UpThumbs Up



If you made your way here you might find this interesting as well...



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I was looking up some info on an older pair of skis and came across this interesting tidbit...


Volant SuperKarve I (178-198 cm; $575)
In 1997, Shane McConkey's mom turned 53. Then she kicked everybody's butt at the Master's National Championships in Breckenridge. Her GS ski of choice: the Volant SuperKarve I. Her slalom ski of choice: the Volant SuperKarve I. Her super G ski of choice: yep. Still not impressed? Her son Shane won the U.S. Extreme Championships last year on a pair of...are we making ourselves clear?



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