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Volkl Bridge Length

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Looking to pick up a pair of Volkl Bridges, just unsure of which length to go with. I'm 5'4", 110#, aggressive skier.


I'm looking at either the 163 or the 171. Not sure which to go with though. Ski a lot of trees and bumps, which for this I think the shorter length would be better. Also making quick turns on groomers, again I think that lends itself more to the shorter length. However I do ski a lot of crud and chopped up snow, so I think the longer length would be better for this (might be wrong), but still making pretty quick turns. The thing is though, with the Bridge being full rockered, twin tip and a more forward mount, would the 171 ski quite a bit shorter, to the point where the 163 would be to short?



Let me know what you guys think.



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either would do fine and honestly its going to come down to personal preference. My gf just went through the process of getting new skis and decided on the atomic elysians in 168. She was on a 160 before and felt like with the rocker they skied 3-5cm shorter. The bridge will be the same way and will probably ski more like a 165-167 which would be fine in trees, better on groomers, better in soft snow and better in crud (as long as you can turn the longer length). Dont be afraid of the bigger length but thats my personal bias, best would be to try both lengths or similar skis.

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I've used the 163 Kendo, found that to be perfect as far as length. The 170 seemed a bit to long, and stiff for my size.


That being said, since the Bridge has the rocker and is a bit softer then the Kendo the 171 wouldn't be as much work. But at the same time the 163 again might be perfect, or not enough because of the rocker.


I'm really back and fourth lol.


Thanks for you insight though.

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Bump for some answers.

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