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Last week was my rest week.  I also found out that I had delaminated my bike.  So, it's been cut in half and sent back to the manufacturer for repair.


I rode 140 miles Friday through Monday.  This week is a big week -- 220 miles and 14 hours of time on the bike, plus another 2 for strength training.  I should be tired come Monday.



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About an hour paddling and fishing stand-up, and then a quick and wimpy roller ski.  The SUP paddling is an interesting case study in balance.  I totally agree that it's good for building the aerobic base that is necessary for strong skiing, since skiing is a surprisingly aerobic activity, and it's interesting how many current and former USST members SUP as part of their off-snow activities  http://tahoequarterly.com/2012/01/daron-rahlves-gets-you-pumped-for-ski-season/.  But, the balance for paddling on flat water is quite different from the balance for riding a wave, particularly if the flat water isn't all that flat.  Planing on a wave or swell of any sort, including boat wakes and windswell, is very similar to planing in 3d snow on skis or a board, but paddling without planing can be way different.  Surfers who try SUP often are surprised at the learning curve for the paddling part, even though they have a big leg up on the surfing part, subject to the bigger and, depending on design, clumsier, board.  Just a good specificity reminder.

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Fun day today.  Repeated 8 to 10 minute hill climb intervals at 85 to 90 % with the last 30 to 60 seconds at 100%.  Lots of play with climbing speed and explosive power at the top of climb.  Slightly higher speed and heart-rate on the initial climb reduced my ability to sprint at the end  (of course), but even a minor reduction in climb speed would result in better power at the end.  The repeated climbs and sprints gradually took their toll, but the addition of a very competitive friend who is about the same fitness as me and friendly competition smile.gif increased the motivation and the pain.  Great work out.  Really starting to realize the effects of the past couple of months of training. 

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Fun day today.  Repeated 8 to 10 minute hill climb intervals at 85 to 90 % with the last 30 to 60 seconds at 100%.  ...

Almost exactly a portion of the ski prep in the Rahlves article (although hopefully at a higher cadence)  -- the overlap between bike training and ski prep is striking. 


Tennis and a roller ski for me today.  Hoping to get three days on the dirtbike in starting tomorrow, but taking the skateboard along too. 

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that plus some back squats...

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

that plus some back squats...

http://freeskier.com/stories/fitness-tips-how-sage-cattabriga-alosa-stays-top-his-game  Again, a surprising number of freeskiers out there really don't lift to speak of, and not all racers lift heavy. 


Squats won't hurt, unless you get hurt squatting, but because skiing is not the power game that many people think it is (it used to be more of one, but think mid-90s for that) they are not needed for most people, either.  Same as plyos are not recommended for younger racers in many cases because of higher injury risk and limited value at that age -- Epic readers may be more fit on average than teenage ski racers, but then again they may not be.  Sage Cattabriga-Alosa uses MTB as a mainstay -- "you won't find me in the gym much...and when there, it's stationary bike...mountain biking being the primary off season activity, but I also skateboard, do yoga and some rock climbing as cross training--"  could have a worse example.  I think he's pretty fit.    Rahlves also MTBs a lot -- there is a theme here.


Skatepark, just working on flow around a new-to-me park.

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75K Tour de Cure fund raiser ride on a mountain bike yesterday, feels good in more ways than one.

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I can see how a guy like Sage would not need to set foot in the gym.  If he's got natural conditioning and he doesn't lack for strength then his time would be better spent  elsewhere.  He's a young guy.

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

I can see how a guy like Sage would not need to set foot in the gym.  If he's got natural conditioning and he doesn't lack for strength then his time would be better spent  elsewhere.  He's a young guy.

Well, no one really has "natural conditioning."  Some people are born with bigger motors, but if they don't maintain them, they still end up sucking wind.


Whether it's the Austrians who kind of led the way both in practical application of very focused aerobic conditioning for skiing, or academic study of it (e.g., Neumayr et. al, "good aerobic power is the sports unspecific basis in alpine skiing..." -- based on working with the Austrian ski team), or the Americans who took their lead, or someone like Rahlves or Sage talking about what they do now, they are all working very hard to stay conditioned. 


They are just doing it in a way that goes against the popular perception of what skiing is. 

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Rode my new bike the last three days.  Yesterday, I rode from Idaho Springs to A-Basin and back, 6k of climbing.  Today was very hot.  I rode Lefthand Canyon, about 4,500 feet of climbing. I was a bit under for both time and elevation today -- it was just too hot.  At the top of the Canyon it was close to 90.  On hitting the flats, it was 99.  I ran out of water (3 liters) and had to stop to bum some both yesterday and today.


I finally visited a bike store at the end of today's ride to adjust the brakes that were dragging all weekend.  I wonder how much additional vert I could claim for the dragging brake?


I finished June with 741 miles.  It should've been 825, but I bagged last Sunday's ride.  YTD is 2500 miles, and I didn't start riding until 3/15.  Not a bad season so far.



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More steep hiking, skateboarding, tennis and swimming for me.  Back to the pumptrack on the bike early this week.

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Hiked up Mt. Si on the old trail on Sunday.  The view from the top was nonexistent, but at least it was pretty good exercise as the old trail goes a lot straighter up the mountain than the newer and vastly more popular trail.

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Originally Posted by Duke2320 View Post

Hiked up Mt. Si on the old trail on Sunday.  The view from the top was nonexistent, but at least it was pretty good exercise as the old trail goes a lot straighter up the mountain than the newer and vastly more popular trail.

Really steep trails can be super-fun.


I had a high-gravity day on the tramp yesterday.  Finally realized I was closing my eyes too much and got it back together.  Learning troughs like that (in my case, I can't say it's a learning trough so much as a performance trough, because I can't say I'm pushing to get better) can be interesting problems to work through.

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Gym four to five days a week. Three different resistance workouts, one per day, that cover the upper body including the neck. One for the legs. Using machines and free weights.


Everyday starts with core. Various ab work, front and side planks. This loosens up the back.


Then 30 minutes of cardio. 10 on the bike 10 on stair master, 10 on eliptical. All at a vigorous pace. The middle stairmaster portion moves into an anerobic pace. This warms the muscles totally.


Then one of the four above workouts follows.


Still warm, then back and leg stretches held for 90 seconds each. Finally various upper body stretches focusing on arms, shoulders, and neck held for 20 secs each.


Oh yeah, fishing occurs somewhere in the week too.

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Fun hike uphill and then downhill ridge run on Sat.  Good tramp session again today; too hot for daylight skating.  The tramp session was basically a fartlek workout, though I was working on some skills at the same time.  For whatever reason, I've seen workouts described as fartleks for min-tramp sessions, but never for jumping on a full tramp? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fartlek I've played around with fartleks at empty skateparks, as well, though there what I generally find is that I suck too much as a skater for the session to really allow for both fartlek type pace variations and real skating.

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Another good fartlek-type session on the tramp today.  I may have to look for the right skatepark, if I can find one darn near empty, to see if I could manage the same thing for skating.


For skiing, a top-to-bottom run at a bigger mountain could obviously resemble a fartlek workout in some ways; improvements in rolling-carpet ski simulators may at some point allow this type of workout to be done precisely in a way similar to real skiing.  A lot of the aerobic base work done by ski racers now, on bikes, could then be done directly on skis, which would be ideal from a specificity perspective, at least for people who could stand the boredom of a ski simulator.

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Did a half-day's cliff-jumping, which is always super-fun and also frequently linked to areas with good ties to skiing. Good summertime water-landing cliff jumps could be a separate thread. You've got the Tahoe area, some great spots in CO, and on and on. Also actually a decent low-intensity aerobic workout with the climb back up, unless you make that climb up particularly direct and spicy.


In terms of climbs back up being a workout, I've even gotten a decent bit of work from a day at a pool with the kids, hitting the waterslides. SLC and Jackson in particular have very ski-area accessible pools that have great slides, that can stretch your legs a bit on rest days.


http://alpine.usskiteam.com/sites/default/files/documents/athletics/alpine/2011-12/documents/MastersNewsletterSpring%202011.pdf I re-came across the Wolcott article on summer conditioning while looking for something else: "...it's imperative to have a good aerobic base...the key is to find an aerobic activity you enjoy like spinning classes...mountain biking, hiking...soccer..or any activity to build a good endurance base." [heavy snipping on my part ] Good stuff. Not sure he had water slides or cliffs in mind when he wrote that, but it does kinda fit within steep hiking if you get the reps in.


Looking forward to some more skating over the next couple days.

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Did some swimming in the Tahoe area last weekend.  Hiked up to the Eagle Lake and swam to the small island w/ my brother...  My bro ended up helping a kid's dad carry a kid from the island to the shore (the kid swam to the island, but freaked out for some reason and wouldn't go back).  I trailed them the whole time, so I guess I'll take partial credit for saving the kid :).

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Just back from holiday to Sandpoint Idaho and Bend Oregon.  Lots of good biking and hiking, and some long days in the saddle; however, the structure to my training was a bit too lax because of the social nature of vacation activities. 


Had one really good 6.5  hour solo day in Bend with a ride on Mrazik and then selected trails for a total of about 45 miles MTB.  I really like the Bend trails - very flowey, but not as intense as many of the trails here in the Canadian Rockies - probably haven't found the difficult trails in Bend yet although there are interesting sections.  Snow prevented going on some trails.  Also had a great day with my daughter on a Tiddliwinks -  Stormking - Whoops - Phils - Voodoo mishmash for about 4.5 hours.  It was her longest ride ever and, happily, she reported that it was a highlight of our vacation.  A nice thing about riding alone on the trails in Bend, compared to the Banff area, is not having to even think about Grizzlies.  (I've had some interesting bear encounters over the last couple of years.)  Road riding in Bend is rather awesome with some great rides.


I found MTBing in Sandpoint to be a little disappointing - but the folks there tell me that the epic trails are fairly high and I ran into snow on the one ascent that I tried (Strong Creek - snow started at about 8 miles up and about 2800 feet vertical from lake Pend Oreille where we were camping).  Found some OK trails lower (e.g. Gold Hill and Mineral Point) and Schweitzer paralleling the road from near the top was fun.  Road riding and hiking in Sandpoint are OK, but not nearly as plentiful as in Bend and the roads that I was on had narrow shoulders and too much traffic. 


13 days until I start the four day TransRockies.  Have done a couple of easy rides this week and two fairly hard days with fartlek intervals.  Easy day with my daughter tomorrow and a long ride on Saturday.  Will taper a bit more after that, although I plan to do at least one hard interval day next week..

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Swimming 5 to 6 days/week (MWF beginning masters program), others days on own.  Cycling 2 to 3 days/week.  Jogging approx. 3 days/week.  Abs 6 days/week.  Stretching - never enough.

Foam roller - never enough.  Way better than not moving!!

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I'm swimming too; 3-4 times a weeks. Not 100% sure how far I go because I tether myself to the guard rail in my backyard pool. I just set my watch for 30 minutes and swim until I hear the beeps. I'm estimating I'm getting at least a mile and maybe more. Works like an endless pool withouth the $20,000 price tag.

My one caution on doing this for first timers is it is harder than swimmer laps in a pool; no break at the turn and no help from pushing off. Nothing but non stop swimming like open water swims.

I do know that I'm swimming hard enough that when I get out, I have to cool off for a bit because I'm sweating. I try to balance between pushing myself and not annoying my rotator cuff repair ( doing crawl). The latter is why I only swim every other day or so.

I want to get water proof headphones though. It's can get pretty boring. I have a pelican box for my iPod, just need to get the right headphones.

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There's probably a conversion table of some kind out there (Endless Pools......time factored by resistance from current........except you're providing your own resistance...?)

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Originally Posted by Ski Spirit View Post

There's probably a conversion table of some kind out there (Endless Pools......time factored by resistance from current........except you're providing your own resistance...?)

According to the interwebofdeciet, a mile takes anywhere from 30 minutes down to the high teens. Phelps would be in the high teens. I'm probably in the high 20's; possibly 27. When in the Marines, I did timed swims in pools and did a couple mini triathelon with a 3/4 mile swim. I know the timed swims we're under ten mins for 500 and I THINK the 3/4 mile was around 20 or sub 20. That was all over twenty years ago. My form is better now but I'm not near as strong. I do float better though biggrin.gif

The important part is that I get a good workout no matter how far/ fast I go and that is happening. Just cam in from swimming and feel a nap coming on redface.gif
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I know that nap feeling very well!!!

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Had that nap feeling today in the middle of a ride - moderately long ride today but didn't feel very strong.  Still feel tired.  Some days are like that,

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I've got about 1000 miles on the MTB since the 1st of May, plus a few easy road rides, some running & hikes mixed in.  With a bum shoulder that is still in therapy, I haven't been able to waterski at all this summer which is usually how I balance things out.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will be good to go for some slalom.





Here is what this month looks like so far:

Date Type Name Distance Duration Pace Speed Calories
07/21/2012 Bike Ride 30.74 mi Road Cycling on Jul 21, 2012 30.74 2:02:23 3:58 15.07 1221  
07/20/2012 Bike Ride 21.44 mi Mountain Bike on Jul 20, 2012 21.45 2:24:53 6:45 8.88 1470  
07/19/2012 Run / Jog 5.27 mi Run on Jul 19, 2012 5.27 0:54:12 10:17 5.83 457    
07/18/2012 Bike Ride 27.72 mi Mountain Bike in South Lake Tahoe on Jul 18, 2012 27.72 3:11:32 6:54 8.68 1867    
07/17/2012 Bike Ride 17.54 mi Mountain Bike in South Lake Tahoe on Jul 17, 2012 17.54 2:08:58 7:21 8.16 1247  
07/15/2012 Run / Jog 4.37 mi Run on Jul 15, 2012 4.37 0:41:55 9:35 6.26 492    
07/15/2012 Bike Ride 25.22 mi Road Cycling on Jul 15, 2012 25.22 1:48:06 4:17 14 914    
07/14/2012 Bike Ride 23.29 mi Road Cycling on Jul 14, 2012 23.29 1:41:49 4:22 13.72 997    
07/12/2012 Bike Ride 23.87 mi Road Cycling in Cupertino on Jul 12, 2012 23.88 1:32:31 3:52 15.49 785    
07/11/2012 Hike / Rock Climb 3.54 mi Hike on Jul 11, 2012 3.54 0:55:58 15:48 3.8 452    
07/10/2012 Run / Jog  Run - Easy Run / Jog 3.4 0:33:01 9:42 6.18 448    
07/09/2012 Bike Ride 20.24 mi Mountain Bike in South Lake Tahoe on Jul 9, 2012 20.24 2:07:50 6:18 9.5 1283    
07/07/2012 Bike Ride 15.57 mi Mountain Bike on Jul 7, 2012 15.58 3:04:59 11:52 5.05 1711    
07/05/2012 Hike / Rock Climb 7.44 mi Hike on Jul 5, 2012 7.44 4:05:10 32:57 1.82 2294    
07/04/2012 Bike Ride 28.33 mi Mountain Bike in South Lake Tahoe on Jul 4, 2012 28.34 3:34:33 7:34 7.93 2389    
07/03/2012 Bike Ride 32.40 mi Road Cycling in South Lake Tahoe on Jul 3, 2012 32.41 2:08:26 3:57 15.14 1505    
07/02/2012 Bike Ride 27.24 mi Mountain Bike on Jul 2, 2012 27.25 3:27:07 7:36 7.89 2068  


A click on the blue will link to maps of the individual rides & even a google earth fly by of the course if you like.


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I've gotten in some good skates, one more good steep hike, and some more good tramp sessions (probably more than I've ever hit a tramp in terms of one month).  I actually did try to do a true fartlek-style session at the skatepark, and still can't do it without putting a foot down to push here and there, but was able to keep the intensity in the right zones by relaxing and just easily using one foot to push when I needed to.  Whether doing that will have any different effect long-term on my skating, versus just being something that was interesting to try, remains to be seen.


Looking forward to getting a few days of surfing in. 

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I've been having fun the last few days surfing some very small and mushy summer waves -- I've actually been going out on a foamie and/or bodysurfing more than standup surfing as a result. 


In terms of base fitness for surfing, one of the interesting things there is that swimming is an obvious activity for an aerobic base -- and in fact paddling on a surfboard in flat water is even better, due to specificity -- but a growing number of advanced surfers are also spinning on a bike for at least certain periods of base-building. 


Next week I'll be getting some long steep hikes in, and probably be back on a bike on a pumptrack as well, myself.

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I followed up a few good days of hiking with a good day of flatwater paddling and cliff-jumping, and then have had some good days again at the tramp gym.  Yesterday was another good example of how redlining can rapidly impair motor coordination -- at the end of the session, I was doing flat 360s kinda sorta like I had a snowboard on my feet, and after a minute or so got to the point where, while I was physically able to keep jumping, I was losing coordination on what is a very easy thing to do.  In terms of the importance of a good aerobic base for skiing and riding, this is part of what Neumayr was again talking about in terms of why improved aerobic capacity is so important, through allowing better sustained use of technical ability, to race time (and, though the focus of the Austrians et. al. is on racing, by extension even more important to someone looking to ski all day).


For the Olympics, it was interesting seeing Shaun White talk about the similarities and differences between trampoline and snowboarding. 


I'll probably get in more stand-up paddling on flat water, and at least one day of float-tube fishing over the next week.  (The float tube is very low intensity, but because I frequently end up slowly kicking with fins for 5-6 hours straight, I often end up burning a decent number of calories.)

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and then have had some good days again at the tramp gym. 

Could you expand on this,sounds interestingbiggrin.gif

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