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Line Prophet 90 Length

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I'm ready to buy a Prophet 90 but I hesitate between the 172 and the 179.



1- I love my Dynastar Contact Groove 165cm. (I like fast short turns)
2- The Prophet will replace my Salomon Suspect 181 (bought this winter without trying them first) that I don't like for two reasons: Turn initiation is poor. 2- I found them a little too long in the tight trees, where I ski the most.


I'm an advanced aggressive skier, 40 yo, ski since 6 yo, volunteer ski patroller for more than 10 years, but I ski a lot in the tight trees and bumps... I'm 5'11 155lbs.


I really love to ski in the powder (my favorite conditions) but around here (east) we're happy when we get 12" and that's twice month... So flotation is not a major criteria for these. I might buy a real powder ski in a year or two.

Where I ski, trees = bumps most of the time, so I think the 179 would be a little long (based on my experience with the Suspect).

Do you think the 172 would be good?

My other skis :

Salomon CrossMax 10 175. I love it but it needs a lot of speed to carve, turn initiation requires some work and it's too narrow.

Dynastar Contact Groove 165cm. I love this ski! A real carving machine and I can go very fast even if it's very short.

Salomon X-Scream 10 185 (I think). I loved those but now they are dead (15 years old maybe).

Salomon Suspect 181. Bought those this winter based on reviews but that was a mistake. For sale. No life in this ski, turn initiation is not easy, not much energy returned.


I like agile skis and based on my experience with the Dynastar Groove 165 and the Salomon Suspect 181 I'm thinking about the Prophet 172. Does is sound right?


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My son and I both demoed Nordica Steadfast in a 170 this winter and we both really liked it.  I'm 5*'8", aggressive, 67 yo, ski the entire mountain, solid technique and he's 6'0", 21 yo, very aggressive, can ski the entire mountain but his technique needs some improvement.  We skied in the trees and in the bumps.  He liked that it floated really well in the trees but was quick to turn.  I also like it for the same reasons as well as it being quick in the steep chutes we have.  I also demoed the Prophet 90 but bought the Steadfast because I thought it was quicker, lighter and also carved better.  What i can't tell from Salomon's website is whether the Suspect has early rise but since it doesn't state that it does I guess it doesn't?  If that is the case, the Prophet 179 will ski quite a bit shorter than the Suspect 181.  Can you try both lengths?  Personally I think you would love a Nordica Steadfast 170, unless you absolutely need a twin tip.


And welcome to Epic.

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Just going to through this out there, I have a pair if 173cm Klint Fringe skis that have been skied 2 days.  I'm selling them for $325 plus shipping from NYC.  They are in perfect condition and pretty similar to the prophet 90. 125/86/114mm with early rise in the tip and tail.

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I am 5'9" and 145, 25 years old and have a pair of the prophets in the 172. They are the perfect size for me, though I am a bit smaller than you are. I love them for all mountain skis (rip the hardpack and chew through the crud), but I wish they had a bit more float in the powder. If you are doing a lot of powder skiing I would look into something that is a little bit wider underfoot (instead of sizing up the length), like maybe the prophet 98's or even the volkl matras.


I think the 172s may be a little long for me in the bumps, so maybe they would be a good size for you.

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Thanks Mtcyclist for your reply,


The Suspect doesn't have any rocker.


I looked at the Nordica Steadfast and it seems like they're not very bumps friendly. I'm in Quebec and here the bumps/moguls are often very hard and deep.


I'm not sure, I think I will keep looking.





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Thanks Californiaskier for your reply,


I would like to do a lot of powder but we just don't get that much around here. Otherwise I would buy a wider ski.


Thanks for your advice.



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Originally Posted by SkiLeMassif View Post

I looked at the Nordica Steadfast and it seems like they're not very bumps friendly. I'm in Quebec and here the bumps/moguls are often very hard and deep.



I have skied my Steadfasts in the bumps a lot, like every day that I ski and I have no complaints about how they handle.  My son had more trouble with them in the bumps but his approach to bumps is more brutish than mine.  After 5-6 bump runs he was feeling a lot better about them and getting used to them.  Try them if you can.

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Hi All, 
I am based in Australia, an advanced skier, 192 cm tall and 109 kg and generally ski 50% off piste, 50% on piste. I am currently skiing 176 cm 2009 Elan Magfire skis but don't really like them that much.
I am thinking of buying a pair of Line Prophet 90 Skis with Marker Griffon Bindings however I am a little confused as to what size skis and binding brake width to get.
Should I get the Prophet 90s in 179cm or 186cm skis?  I was initially thinking of getting the 179 cm skis however with the Prophet 90s, would it be worth while to go up to a 186 cm considering they are have a rocker and twin tip.
Also I am confused as to what brake width to get on the Griffon Bindings, 90mm or 110mm brake. Which ones are best suited for the Prophet 90s skis?
Thoughts anyone?
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