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2013 Volkl Bridge Review

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2013 Volkl Bridge



Length Tested: 178

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  128-95-115/20.7

Camber (select one, delete the rest):  Full Rocker (according to website).

Binding: Demo

Mount point: Suggested


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Crystal Mountain, WA

Number of Runs: 20

Snow Conditions: 4-6 inches new powder over wind blown from previous day, chopped up as day progressed.

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: Lateskier2012

Age: 42

Height/Weight: 6 foot/180 lbs

Ski Days/Season: 25

Years Skiing: 2

Aggressiveness: Moderate(Finesse)

Current Quiver: Salomon X-Wing

Home Area: Seattle

Preferred Terrain: off-piste


Review: Tried this ski as an alternative to the Mantra (too stiff, my style not aggressive enough) for an All-Mountain ski. Prior candidates include the Prophet 98, Legend 94, and Mantra. Conditions at Crystal mountain were wind blown with 4-6 inches of new powder. Stashes in the trees were up to waist deep, but most of the terrain had knee-deep fluff. The ski is very stiff (had to look twice to verify I was not on the Mantra). The twin tip and lack of pronounced camber allowed nearly effortless turns, with no noticeable tail hook-up. The "low-profile" rocker kept the ski in the powder most of the day, except for one steep, virgin run where it got up on the snow. As expected from Volkl, the Bridge held an edge very well. It was a smooth transition from powder to crud to groomers. The limited camber made the skis feel a little "slippery" on the groomers. Towards the end of my day (20 runs) I felt that the Bridge was starting to own me, and wanted me to get off its back. I am sure that my novice skills and fatigue contributed greatly, but the ski beat the hell out of me in the crud on the last two runs.








Pros: Stiff, good edge hold, resposive in the turns, good on groomers.




Cons: Stiff, hates ice





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What are your thoughts on the Bridge vs. the Sultan 94?

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Originally Posted by Sportsman16 View Post

What are your thoughts on the Bridge vs. the Sultan 94?

I much preferred the Sultan for an all-mountain ski. It felt more planted on the groomed runs, and permitted more three dimensional exploration of the snow off-piste. Consequently, the powder felt more like powder on the Sultan. Also, the Dynastar was more confidence inspiring. The few times that I allowed my weight to shift rear-ward or got into some terrain over my head, the Dynastar would say, "relax, I'll handle it from here." I think the Bridge is an excellent ski for a more aggressive skier who might want turn tricks and ski in reverse.


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I skied a few runs on these today, and thought I would add a mini review.


Today, I was skiing on 177 Mantras and wanted to ski both back to back for a comparison, so I got on a demo pair for about an hour. The bridge really surprised me. I was on the 179 bridge and I am 5'11" 170lbs. Hand flexing it feels a bit softer than the Mantra,  but skiing I could not really tell the difference. I thought it was just as stable as the Mantra. The Bridge is better for a different style of skiing to the Mantra. The Mantra likes to be on edge a lot more, where as the bridge was at home either on edge, or skidded. Because of this (and the flex) it was much better in the bumps than the Mantra.


The snow as all pretty hard, so did not get to test soft snow performance. Hardpack was great on the bridge, much better than anticipated. I thought the rocker, flex and twin tip would make pretty poor hard snow performance, but I was surprised again.


The hardest question will be whether to buy the 179 or 186. I never really found the 179 too short, but I think I may if I were given more time on it- but then again I will be buying this for harder snow/bumps. If there is anything soft around i will be on 191 ON3P Wrens. I really wish there was a "tweener" size. Either way, i'm sold and will be picking some up. I think this ski + a ski for the really big days(and dukes) is the perfect 2 pair travel quiver.

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Good review. My wife skie the earlier Pre-rocker version and loves them too. As to length - a well regarded instructor and writer once told me that the primary benefit of length was stability at speed so pick the length that is stable at the fastest speed you ski on that particular ski.
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