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Pump Bump

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I got some new boots at the end of the season and noticed after a few days that I was developing a "pump bump" on each ankle, a little to the outside of center. I had the same type of boots (Nordica Dobermann Aggressor 100) as my previous boot and liked them very much. I got new footbeds (after about 11 years) and had alignment, canting, etc. etc. What are the fix options for the pump bump problem?

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Pump bump = "Retro calcaneal bursitis" or an inflammation of the bursa sac that protects your Achilles tendon.  Over time the soft gel like material in the bursa will solidify and cause a solid bump, IE pump bump.  Get the shell ground out at the site of the bump to relieve the pressure and have your foot beds checked as they may be allowing your ankle to roll in and heel to be pushed (bumped) against the outside of the shell producing the inflammation.  This condition can also be brought on by how your foot interacts with your street shoes.



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on each ankle it is not a "pump bump" but simply a calcification on the ankle bones, same solution though, remove pressure by grinding/stretching the shell or they will get worse

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