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Skinning/Skiing Closed Tahoe Resorts

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Did a little skinning/skiing in Colorado last spring after season end at Vail and Breck. Curious which resorts in the Tahoe area are cool with that type of thing?


Also, for the resorts that plan to extend their seasons, but only on weekends,  wondering about skinning/skiing during the week during that extended period?




LAKE TAHOE — Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows announced on Monday they will extend daily operations through the month of April, with Alpine scheduled to remain open Friday through Sunday through May 13.

Squaw and Alpine's 2012-13 season passes will offer free skiing and riding at both resorts starting April 1 through the close of the season. Passes are slated to go on sale on March 27.

Heavenly and Kirkwood also announced Monday that they plan to extend their seasons. Heavenly's closing day was scheduled for April 15, but the resort will now stay open Friday through Sunday the weekends of April 20-22 and April 27-29, weather and conditions permitting.

Kirkwood will keep the same weekend-only schedule as long as snow conditions will support skiing and snowboarding, according to the resort.

Elsewhere, Diamond Peak Ski Resort in Incline Village will stay open through Easter Sunday, and possibly the weekend after, conditions permitting, a resort official said Tuesday. 

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A lot of people over on TGR hit Kirkwood before opening and after closing, I've done the same at at Sugarbowl, I believe in the past it's been done at Alpine.  Not so sure about Alpine now that Squaw has the reins; I have no direct experience but I'd be shocked if Squaw let people skin/hike/ski between those final weekends, or even after final closing - they tend to be a little more conservative about such things. If your nervous about it, call and ask. 

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Appreciate the feedback. I'm an AT newb, and although I've read a bit and attended some intro/awareness classes don't yet have actual avy training or rescue gear. Still, enjoy the going up as well as down, so would like to take advantage of the relatively safe terrain provided by trails maintained during the season at closed ski areas. Sugarbowl would be great, as it's closer to the Bay Area. 


Calling ahead is probably the right thing to do, but I have to wonder if the standard reply might be of a "just say no" nature, (if I can actually connect with someone who actually knows the official answer), even if national forest land or some other consideration makes it technically ok. Which is why I was hoping some folks who have experience in the area would weigh in ( even if they're not likely to be focused on skinning/skiing groomers ;-).


Thx again.

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Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl are definitely yes.  I know a lot of people hit parts of Heavenly as well.  Squaw, I believe, does not allow it any longer.  People on this forum have hiked/skinned Alpine before opening just this past season but that was before the KSL deal was official.

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Sugar Bowl sounds like the spot, whether for the type of thing I had in mind after season close, or at some point for classes or guided tours through their Backcountry Adventure Center (Alpine Skills International)...

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