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What size 4FRNT CRJs?

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The have a 174, 180, and 188cm. I am looking for an all mountain/powder tool. I am a 5'11" 140lbs teenager that is still growing. Mainly going to use for powder but also want one ski that i can take up to the mountains and not have to worry. What i have heard is that due to rocker you should go bigger with your skis. i ski probably 20 days and i am a aggressive skier. I was thinking the 188 but not sure, thanks guys!

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Yes, in general you want to go longer when there's rocker, especially twin tip.  Without knowing more I'd probably say 188 - but if you're looking at 4FRNT you may want to consider waiting for the Hoji to be released, which sounds like it should have more all mountain qualities to it (while still powder oriented) than the CRJ.

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CRJ is a decent ski,  where do you ski mostly?  It's definitely not an everyday ski on the east coast!

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Oh ya man sorry. I live in southern colorado, i ski wolf creek. So mainly powder:) but when my friends whimp out on pow i want to shred groomers and get through moguls

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How much time are you going to be on groomers and in moguls relative to your time spent in powder.

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Pick up a cheap pair of used 10-11 180s with the stiffer tail. They were blowing them out last year for $350. Ski those for a year or two until you're over 160#s and sell them for something else. Super fun skis.
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How much time are you going to be on groomers and in moguls relative to your time spent in powder





Like 2/3 powder 1/3 groomers and moguls

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What do you guys think of the Line SFB? CAuse i was pretty set on the CRJs then my buddy told me the Line SFB was pretty amazing and fit the bill for what i wanted. 

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Honestly dude you're back and fourth way to much. Find something that's going to work for you and just ski it, NOTHING, is going to be perfect because if it were it would be on only thing people were on. The CRJ and SFB are very different, the Line will have an obvious speed limit and cannot be pushed as hard as the CRJ. The CRJ will be stiffer more aggressive, but less tolerant to bad form.


For the amount you time you're in powder and moguls/groomers the CRJ is probably the best offering from 4Frnt for you. The SFB is a good ski, however it depends on what you want and expect it to do and do well. You didn't really provide us with much information other then you want an all mountain powder ski, so I can't give you many suggestions unless you provide more info for us.


In powder the SFB is going to be more playful, and pretty soft. CRJ, aggressive yet playful. On groomers, CRJ will be better due to the stiffer flex. Moguls - the CRJ again because of the flex and longer sidecut.

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what tsk94 said. You are go back and forth between skis that are not even very comparable. You have do some research, judge what type of skiing you want to prioritize, and then narrow it down to just 2 or 3 skis that fit your skiing. But, other people seem to have told you that already, so, just take some advice from them, and get your brain working.

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We're honestly trying to help even though it may not seem like it but your really back and fourth way to much; just as an example these are the ski's you've either considered or almost pulled the trigger on: Armada TST, Line SFB, 4FRNT CRJ, Icelantic Nomand, Icelantic Shaman, K2 Kung Fujas, Moment Biddy Pros, Moment Night Trains and Bluehouse Maestros and other you've mentioned throughout your threads. Other then having similar (some) waist widths, a lot of these ski's are very different from one another. So like Sigurd mentioned you really should take some time and think about what you're looking for in a ski, because almost every ski you've mentioned is very different from one another and how they would perform. If you don't know what will suit you best make a more detailed thread, other then "I'm looking for an all mountain powder ski, that will last as I still grow.". Spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever, make a detailed thread stating what kind of skiing you do, what you're best at, what specific ski characteristics you're looking for, the terrain you will be skiing, not just "powder and groomers", are you talking to open bowls, or tight trees, to pillow lines, what. And groomers, well something that will just work so you can cruise back to the lift, long, low energy GS turns, or something that can be more aggressive, ect.


Like I said if you don't know exactly what you want, tell us what you're looking for. There are a lot of knowledgeable people, many of whom have skied any of the skis your curious about, and can help you find what will be best for you.

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