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Off to the Jungle!

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I am outta here. Off to the Jungles of Belize tomorrow morning for 10 days of hiking, kayaking and diving. Wahoo!
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I am nothing but jealous. Have a grrrrreat time, be safe (yet adventurous), and bring back a story or two for us.

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Kima, You and S have a great time! K and I expect a full report when you get back. We'll ride and tip a few!

Enjoy the diving.
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green with envy....
Have fun, dive safe..
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must be nice! Come back in one piece.
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You jammy git.
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Johnny Boy, come again? Explain please.

Well it wasn't the hiking, diving or kayaking that did me in, it was the food. Bad case of food poisoning. Got to tour the "local" Gangriga Belize Hospital. Actually was OK seen far worse medical facilities here in the States. Oh well it can happen anywhere.

Got in 9 dives. The barrier reef is in really good shape that far south. Not so many divers as in Ambergris Caye. Typically we would have gotten many more dives in but my hubby just had Lasik. He went AMA and dove 10 days after surgery, not the 4 weeks they say. No problems, but he took it easy no deeper that 60 feet, no diving consecutive days.

Did s great jungle hike to a waterfall. Actually more like a crawl. Lots of hands, feet, sliding on my butt. At the top of the fall was the most beautiful pool for swimming. Trust me we needed a swim, soaked through with sweat by time we reached it. It was worth it. Like something out of the movies! Just four of us there. Saw A Jaguar on the way crossing the road. Just for a moment but we were very lucky to see one at all. Our guide was as excited as we were.

Did one kayak on the Sittee River, again no one around very remote.

All in all a good trip. Has me wanting to go to Placencia next spring to dive with the whale sharks. Any takers?

Nice thing about living here is I am always glad to be home.
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Welcome home Kima
Where's the pictures? ha ha..

Sounds like a great time except for the hospital part.

Glad the Hubby's lasik worked out ok..
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Kima -

Sounds like your trip was great! How was the visibility? You said the reefs were in good shape as far as damage from human contact? That's great news! Was there evidence of reef death/dying from El Nino currents?

We have not traveled to Belize on our dive adventures however, it is on our list of places to dive!

We have been lucky enough to dive some great places though...Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, & Seychelles. We will be heading to Palau and Komodo in early fall for some more diving. We are also planning a trip to Egypt to dive in the Red Sea at some point next year.

Do you do any underwater photography? If so, and you can get your photos up, I'd love to see them.

Glad you had a good trip (except for the food poisoning), makes me really look forward to mine! Skiing in the winter and diving in the summer, slip in some hiking and biking in between...oh happy days!<FONT size="1">

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Serenity, saw no damage on the reefs other than some broken stag coral from a past hurricane. We dove Turneffe and South Water Cayes. It is great! They are in the process of limiting fishing on portions of the reefs that will help allot with fish life but most of the fishing is local small operations so it really is not the type of damage you usually see from fishing. No photos we are really bad about pics on land too!

Have not been to any of your spots, wanting to do Turks and Cacios, perhaps next year, Have been to:
Cozumel 5-6 Times
Belize 3 times
St. Lucia
St. Croix, a great place not known for diving so hardly any divers, really one of our best trips
Roatan, Honduras
Jamaica, free trip, awful diving!
California channel Islands, still a favorite!

You’re right, diving, hiking, skiing, its a great life!

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