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Roadie Dream?

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Hey, All you 2 wheel HPV lovers out there! I'm starting my research for my "Dream" road bike and drooled over astrochimp's description of his Nobilette. My current road rides are a 94 Trek 5200 (pre Lance) and a Cannondale 2.8 frame with Ultegra components.

I'm thinking VaMoots YBB titanium for this 58 year young body with bad knees and back, Campy Record 10 speed, custom wheels, AME fork, Chris King headset, etc. Any other frame or component choices I should consider? Working with +/-5k budget - hey, gotta own the best once in your life!

Got any bikeshop recommendations in the greater Denver area. I plan to visit Veccio's in Boulder and Sore Saddle Cyclery in Steamboat (was going to Steamboat last weekend for their Bike Fest but had a last minute change of plans).. Been to Wheat Ridge Cyclery already.

Give me some data to work with - - Please!!!


"Do not go gentle into that good night!
Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light!"
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Dream Bike??

Frame Options
Seven Custom Ti Frame
Ibis Ti
Litespeed Palmaries

Fork Options - All Carbon
Wound Up

Other Stuff
Mavic Ksyrium Wheels
Campy Record CARBON 10
Easton EC90 Composite Bars
Easton CT2 Post
ITM "The Stem" (95 grams!!!)
KING headset (without saying)

Oh yea, has to be 1 1/8" threadless system.
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A good place to check out if you are looking for a nice road bike is Green Mountain Sports. Excelent people to work with, and they are into high end custom built rides. They are located off of Morrison Road and Bear Creek.
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I'd just go for a Colnago C-40 or better yet, the C-35 (the one they co-engineered with Ferrari)!!!

Or there's always the Lightspeed Palmares, but that might be considerably outside the 5k "budget".
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okay. A question for you big budget (or wannabe big budget) roadies.

What is the difference going to be between a $5k bike and a $7-$10k bike? The 24k gold plating? Is it really going to get any lighter, faster, more comfortable, etc?
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Begin with a Serotta Size Cycle fit to be sure your body will fit to the frame you choose, or to help you limit choices.

Vecchio's is a Moots dealer. But if in Steamboat stop into the Moots joint and have them size you up and build a custom frame!!

That would be sweet.

Is the Moots you are thinking of a softtail road bike? Like the YBBeat mtn frame?

Nobilette custom ti frame? Talk to the guys at Vecchio's as they are also dealers for Mark's frames.

The Record wil be very nice. I like my 10-speed and how the ergo shifters work.

Serotta custom? That would be first class.

C-40? Seven? Litespeed? Ibis? All would be great!! Just be sure you get the closest match between your body and bike. If that means custom and you can afford it then go for it. Fit is more important than the $ if the spendy bike is too long or tall or short etc.

Re diff in performance between $5k and $10k?? There must be some point at which the mere mortal can spend yet stop getting a trick light bike that will actually last long enough to warrant the money. As I said above, fit may play more of a role above a certain dollar figure than more dollar figures.

I wonder how much a person can spend on a bike? Lots.<FONT size="1">

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I doubt if there are any real benefits once you get past a certain dollar amount. I don't know if I'll ever actually get my "Roadie Dream", but around $5k is my limit. I'm probably in the big budget wannabe class.

It's as subjective as what ski's are the best. The final decision depends on what you have to spend and what the toy, oops, tool is worth to you. Heck, 5k is more than twice as much as I paid for my Trek 5200 in 94/95 and I thought that was the last bicycle I would buy. As always, want is a lot different than needs!! Besides it’s a slow day at work and dreaming about new toys is always fun.

Thanks for the suggestions folks, I’m open for more input!!


Chimp, I'm definitely going to follow your advice on the fitting. That's one of the reasons I'm looking to replace the Trek as my main ride. As I get older I'm looking for a little more comfort than the minimum size, gofast, low position frame I was riding 6 years ago. All the manufacturer suggestions are great. I do like the VAMOOTS road bike with the softail rear suspension, but I'm going to ride as many different bikes as I can before I buy. Don't know if I can afford a custom, but will explore as the options in my price range. I am do like the Record Carbon 10 speed with the 12-29 rear cogset. Like skis, one needs to DEMO-DEMO-DEMO.

Bong <FONT size="1">

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good luck on yur dream,
how big is your old trek?
wanna sell it to a good home in Utah?
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My Trek is a 54, but KIMA has first dibs on any bikes I decide to sell. I'll probably keep the Trek as a backup and sell the Cannondale first. Sorry.
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I just got a bike which is pretty darn close to a dream. It rides like one anyhow. A brand spanking new all black 2001 (Smoke) Trek 5200. Sure Dura-ace over Ultegra would be even nicer, and Ksyriums over Rolfs, but not $2000 nicer. If any of you are considering new road rigs, check out the OCLV Treks. Comfort like Titanium and steel, and climbing and sprinting like aluminum. And light. Weight of mine (60cm) with comp, cages, pump, spare tubes, tire levers, 2 allen keys and empty bottles is 7.9 kg
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Like Lance said.

It's not about the bike.
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thanks for thinking of me Bong.
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Lots of great biking goodies and ideas to think about, Thanks to you all!! Sometimes I think the planning and decision on the components is more fun than the actual purchase. I'll let you know what I decide to do after test rides and more research.

Gonzo, we think a lot alike when it comes to components. I was thinking of Daves Speed Dreams, Peter White Wheels, or hand builts from one of the local shops like Vecchio's. I like to supporting the small independant local shops and manufacturers if the quality is there. The rest of your picks are pretty close, although I'd like to go Campy Record 10 this time. I'll post full specs and my reasoning when I make the final plunge.

Beta, you're right, the 5200 is close to a dream, but I already have one and love it, if it weren't for the size issue I would probably upgrade the components. That's still an option although I would like to try a different material. Another superb carbon option that's a great value is Aegis.

Jimpd, Lance is right, it isn't about the bike, but superb tools enhance the many intangibles, right? When you think about it that applies to skiing too-It's not about the Skis either!!!

Kima, You're welcome, drop me a line when you get back from Belize and we'll go riding again. Have a great time.

Isn't it great that we have the physical health and mental attitude to enjoy these types of activities!! What an enjoyable group of people on this forum!

Thanks again all!!

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just giving you a hard time there bong.

when it comes right down to it I'd be riding no matter what I had. Kind of like skiing. Nice to have the sweet stuff but getting out there is the key.

By the way, you'll never be satisfied with one dream bike. You need a dream road bike, mt. bike, cross bike, commuter bike, single speed bike, track bike. So just sell the car, the house, the boat - whatever because once you go down that road there is no turning back.
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Dream bike,
that's easy, get a good fitting bike for 2500$, and then take the other 2500$ and donate it to a local bike club or trail crew. If you aren't good enough to get a top of the line bike for free, chances are you don't need one.
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