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Bootliner ?

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Are my bootliners getting bad? When I put my boots on in the morning they fit snug but, as I ski throughout the day they need adjusted tighter and tighter. If I use the tighter settings in the morning my feet go numb. My boots are about 10yrs old and I think they were shell sized properly when new. They were fit by an ABB/Masterfit U Shop. Any thoughts? Any reccomendations for bootfitters in the eastern Ohio, northwestern Pa or western NY area?
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how many days per year over the last 10 years do you ski? what does a ski day for you look like in terms of time spent skiing? how do you rate your skiing skills?


yes, your liners are probably packed out. it could also be that even though a shop may have properly shell sized you for length, you may not be in a boot model that matches the shape of your foot very well.



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I probably average 10 ski days a year. A normal ski day goes from 9 till 3:00-3:30 ish with a break for lunch. My boots are tecnica rival x9's with the high volume liner, I have wide thick feet. I'm not sure about my actual ski level, maybe a 7. I can ski about anything however, it's not perfect but, I can go where I want to.
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if the toes and heels of the shell are not worn, then look at an intuition as a replacement.  If you are missing buckles, cuff screws are loose, etc, just replace the boots.

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