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Difference in Full Tilt and Salomon Pro Model SC

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This year I have used two boots. I am planning to buy new boots for next year. I feel I can be a better skier with one pair of boots instead of two or three.

My two current boots are very different in feel and performance and I want to understand their differences as I'm looking for a replacement. Both are size 28.5 and fit my foot. The Salomon Pro Model SC says it's a 98 width and 95 flex, the Full Tilt has the "6" tongue. I find that I can ski bumps and soft edge turns better in the Full Tilts and hard snow and steeps better in the Salomon's. The Salomon's fit with the prescribed "two finger" buckle pressure while the Full Tilts need to be cranked down more to feel secure.

The Salomon has full professional fitting, custom footbed, canting (to get my knees to track forward instead or to the right and left) and alignment. The Full Tilt was bought used and is stock with no insole and no adjustments except for my own DIY work. My knees seem to track better with the Full Tilts which I attribute to their more aggressive forward lean. Both are comfortable but the Salomon is the most comfortable. I find I ski better in the Full Tilts. I can tell the Salomon's have a more upright stance but other than that I do not know what makes the Full Tilt work better for me. One of the confusions is the Salomons seem to fit like a glove and the Full Tilts are less specific in their fit and control but still I ski better on most days in the Full Tilts!

What are the differences between the Salomon and Full Tilt that make them ski so differently? What are the key aspects of the Full Tilt  stance that help me to be a better skier that I should look for in my replacement boots?

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the FT are a 3 prt boot and the salomons are a "standard" 2 part boot.  This site has a few threads on how both designs ski.



So time to separate FIT from FLEX, from STANCE


fit is how the boot feels, when you are not moving.   where is it tight, where is it loose.  this is where the width/last/shape of the boot come into play


flex is how stiff the boot is.  how much effort it takes to move the boot from upright, to forward. stiffer = more power return, like a mountain bike suspension.  too stiff and you get bounced around.  too soft and you bottom it out, and loose control.  on the FT this is what the tongue does,  stiffer = higher number


stance is your forward and back balance.  on the FT this is adjusted by both the 0,2 or 4mm shim that goes between the upper and lower cuff.   Also this is changed with the rubbery spoiler on the back of the boot, near the top.   The effects your balance, and how much weight you have forward and back, to effect the turn, or terrain

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