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Gonzo...finally responding

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Gonz, wanted to thank you for the help back when i was trying to decide on what to get. Ended up with the Enduro Expert since I got it at about 25% off. Been upgrading things here and there. Went with the TruVative Stylo Team cranks/rings, Thomson Elite Post, Answer ProTaper Riser, and looking at the Spinergy Xyclone wheels as next purchase.

I LOVE the bike so far. As soon as i learn to climb better on the thing I'll be a happy camper. Downhills are no problem and I'm amazed at how fast I can actually get now without losing control. I'm very happy i went with a dualie. I ride at least 5x a week that I'm in town, and try to do more. I'll keep you up on what I upgrade, and feel free to send me any advice you have. obviously you've seen my posts on mtbr Thanks again my friend...

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Yes, Running the Hayes Hydraulics and love them. Been having to tweak them a lot, but not sure if thats common or I'm just anal. Running the Psylo XC with the Float R for now. good combo for me for now. I got the feel for the bike pretty fast, now to see how much abuse it takes. What do you think about coil overs (vanillas) vs the floats?
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I am running a Cane Creek AD10. It does not lock out but I play with air pressure and rebound settings for a stiffer ride when I want some. This is the second full year of riding on the Cane Creek and it is still in its factory set up. I have never lost any significant air pressure. I would say that I never lost air pressure but I think that is an impossiblity. I don't have the opportunity to ride long technical descent so a lot of travel is not important to me. Here in Ohio, Western PA and WNY areas it alot of quick ups and downs with roots, mud and rock. I like the quick response from my AD10. I you get a Cane Creek make sure to by their air pump it is a quality piece of equipment. My bud are always borrowing mine.


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I have been riding a sugar 3 for over a year now, and here is what I have found with the Cane Creek AD5 that came with it. It think it climbs great w/o any lockout. The bike design helps keep the rubber to the road, so to speak. I really do not notice a bob when I ride either. It is a fairly short travel being a XC bike (2.5 in) so it is not as plush on the decent, but overall it has been what I was looking for on the bike. I did try the FSR befor I bought my sugar, and that bike in in serious need of the lockout. It seemed like all my energy went into the bob and not to the tires. I will say that it was like riding a couch on the downhill though. My biggest beef against lockout rears is that it is unessisary added weight. The full suspention bikes are being designed better and better so you should be able to find one that offers the ride quality you are looking for on the climb as well as the decent.
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