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Help Me Buy a New Pair of Ski's Please

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I am looking at getting a new pair of skis and thought i would take advantage of the end of season sales.

I am looking for an all mountain/ twin tip that i can use with a pair of Baron/dukes or the new Saloman binding when it comes out, but am unsure what skis to get so was hoping that your the collective wisdom might be able to help :)


it has been suggested that im about an intermediate standard, but managed to get a job in Canada for next year so hoping to ski a fair bit more once im out there, currently based in the U.K.


I am about 5ft9 and weigh about 10 and a half stone, currently skiing on my girlfriends very old 155 slalom skis.


Currently looking at:


Scott mission, 168/ Predator, 172

The atomic theory, 168

The Saloman 2012, 171


what are peoples opinions on these skis, anything else i should look at?


Thanks in Advance 

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Hi Andy, Perhaps bumping this will help someone in the know find your question and help with answers. 


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Hi, I saw that you were considering the atomic theory which is a pretty good ski. I demoed a pair (also 168 cm) at vail and liked them. They are a good ski for all around versitity and it is a good choice for the intermidiate skier. That all being said after demoing other similar skis I decided not to buy the atomic theorys and instead bought a pair of nordica steadfasts. I know you are looking for a closeout sale so I will just say differences between the atomic theory and nordica steadfast...steadfasts are slightly stiffer and was a little more nimble in my opinion then the atomics giving you alittle more room to grow as a skier (in skill level.) I have owned a pair of atomics...atomic snoops very similar to the atomic theory (all wood core, 94mm waist but not rocketed) and loved em. Reccomendation is defiantly atomic theory and I am a big fan of marker bindings too (although some will tell you otherwise) I have owned maybe 6 pairs and never had a problem not to mention I believe they are better because of how they sit a bit lower on the ski. Anyways hope this helps and happy skiing in canada!
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I have to ask where you are going to be working.The Scott is an amazing ski .There are also a lot and I do mean a lot of great All mountain Skis out there.If you are going to be Skiing The Rockies[Canada] I wouldn't look at anything beyond 88mm.The Canadian Rockies is my playground and with the exception of Kicking Horse gets skied off fairly quickly.Go too wide and you loose the essence of having a "All Mountain Ski" You need something for all round use.Going to 176 182 length would be a good idea as rockered skis tend to ski somewhat shorter.



Hope this helps.David

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I will add that in my Quiver at the moment are;


1 Nordica Spitfire Pro 178 on 72mm

2 Fischer Motive 80 Cline 176 on 80mm

3 Elan Amphibio 82xti 182 on 82mm

4 Nordica HellCats 178 on  90mm.


As you can see I like Nordica.A 

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