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How many pairs of skis do you own?

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If you have more than 1 pair, what types and why?

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As many as I can find room for.  Because that is all I have room for at the moment.  Never can have too many skis.



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Kastle MX88

Kastle BMX108



Kastle BMX108

Atomic Access

Dynastar Mythic Rider


Least Coast:

Dynastar 8000

Dynastar Skicross 10


Can deal with all conditions at all locations with current quivers.

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Omeglass slalom

Blizzard magnum 76
Élan apex (88))
Fischer Watea 94
Élan 1010 (110)

Rossi mogul
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Western Trips:

2 sets of Blizzard the Ones - so I guess they aren't the only one...


WV Daily Drivers (never have one set of daily drivers cuz stuff happens):

Elan 666 - phasing out

Line Prophet 90 - phasing in


WV (Rock) Tree Skis:

Salomon PR's - ex primary Western ski, they're now sacrificed to Eastern logs, rocks, moss and offerings to Ullr


Quiver not yet used (bought on the cheap):

Vokl P60 - hurt this year, so couldn't hit the race course

Blizzard 8.1 - cuz Phil is such a sweet talker

K2 PE's - were gonna be my WV rock skis, but the PR's are still ticking, so they're still sitting in my closet


Plus some haphazard retro gear still lying around. And a 5 person shot ski designed by Catamunch!


And I sold two pair of skis the past two years (Atomic SX-9, Head iM75)


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As many as I can find room for.  Because that is all I have room for at the moment.  Never can have too many skis.


How boot hockey jerseys?

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8 pairs. Because I love shopping. But I have skied them all this winter.

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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post


Kastle MX88

Kastle BMX108



Kastle BMX108

Atomic Access

Dynastar Mythic Rider


Least Coast:

Dynastar 8000

Dynastar Skicross 10


Can deal with all conditions at all locations with current quivers.

Add Dynastar Legend Pro to the  SLC group - knew I had forgotten something.........

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Wow - lot of skis some of you have.  So, for someone just beginning the collection of skis, what type would you choose for a 2nd pair? 


East coast location with usually a one-week trip to Vail.  Level 7, ski some bumps, but want to learn more. 

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An eclectic mix of snow travel tools


East coast-

K2 Shuksan w/ Dynafits

Fischer S Bounds w/Voile cables

Currently Fischer Alltrax for on piste but it varies to what old ski I just bought off CL



West coast-

Manaslu w/Dynafits

K2 Pontoons

Salomon Hot Chili's

Fischer Outtabounds w/Voile hardwires

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Paging RossiSmash...RossiSmash to the blue courtesy phone. 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Paging RossiSmash...RossiSmash to the blue courtesy phone. 

Do we have enough bandwidth for that list?


I'm actually trying to reduce the collection at my house.  Right now I have DPS Wailer 112 RP's, Icelantic Pilgrims, and Ramp Frenzy.  I hope to have it down to just the 112's and a pair of Wailer 99's for next year.

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and of course my current favorites...



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I'm guessing we've all got a bunch of collector's items, so I'll limit it to what I own and have used this season:


Blizzard Bodacious,  Rossi E98, BD Verdict V.1.0 (foam core, made by Atomic)

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I currently have one lonely pair of skis, a pair of K2 Apache Recons, that work well for most of what I see in the Mid-Atlantic.  However, I'd love to add a couple of skis to the mix if I get a chance.  A pure carving ski for ripping up groomed runs and the occasional Nastar run and something with a waist in the mid-80s to low 90s for those few times I get to ski on some powder and natural snow.


I actually had planned on demoing some skis this season, but all the demo days I planned to go to were cancelled due to lack of snow early on in the season.  Guess I'll just have to have fun trying out different skis next season.

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K2 Apache Recons are actually a stellar choice for an everyday Mid Atlantic ski.icon14.gif



Not including officially retired skis...  What I have and what I use them for..

Brand Model Length Type Waist Radius Bindings
Head iSuperShape WC 170 Race SL Sub 70 12 Head FF
K2 CaBrawler 179 Bump Ski Sub 70 21 Salomon
Nordica GSR  Doberman WC 181 Race GS Sub 70 21 Salomon
Salomon Lab GS (race stock) 185 Race GS Sub 70 21 Salomon
Elan M999 192 Powder 99 28 Rossi
RD Coyote HeliDog 183 Powder 91 32 Marker
K2 Public Enemy 179 Twin/All Mountain 80 19.5 Salomon
Nordica W80 178 MidFat 80 22 Marker


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4 now i suppose.


11/12 186 ON3P J-mo

12/13 186 ON3P Jeffery

11/12 192 Atomic Bent Chetler

11/12 195 Folsom Gambit (it's on the way, and I won it in a contest)

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I am currently at about 175 pairs. (60's through present)


Of that, about 160 pairs I would ski on. (either because of ski condition or bindings mounted on them)


Of that about 40-50 pairs of "modern" skis from the past 5-8 years.


Because I can  biggrin.gif



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Head Worldcup iSL 170,Head Supershape iTitan 177 and Head Supershape iSpeed 184.

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2011 Volkl Kendo 177cm - hard pack groomer days


2012 Blizzard Cochise 185cm - daily drivers


Probably going to buy next: 2013 Line Influence 115 in 186cm - for deep powder days and AT.

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Currently at 1.5 deci-RossiSmashes, of which I skied 9 pairs this season.   


The K2  Small Worlds were funnest.

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3 pairs,


Head Johnny 94 173 - all mountain west and powder


Head IM 78 163 (ladies Dreamthang pink camo top sheet) - It looks cool and it's indestructible, eastern teaching ski


Dynastar Contact ST10 158 (under 70) - I love this slalom ski.  Peppy and fun, it loves bumps, and in this years snow it finally got a work out had it since 2007 and used it maybe 10 times a year until this year (90 days for sure) and now I think I'll need to find a similar replacement for it.

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Current rotation:


Salomon Guns- 164cm, 99waist- Pretty much the midseason daily driver, since most of my daily driving is in the woods.

Salomon 1080 Foils- 166cm, 83waist- Teaching/rock/beater skis.

Dynastar Contact 10's- 165cm 78waist- Carving/Hardpack/ice skis.

Burton Mayhem- 158cm- For sliding sideways purposes




Atomic GS9's- 180cm, sub70 waist- The old carvers

Salomon 1080's- 161cm, 80 waist- The old (pre Foil) daily drivers, currently unmounted.

K2 CVC's- about 175cm, skinny all the way- Retro/gaper day special editions


To be purchased:

An early rise mid-fat with an AT setup.

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I have four pairs, having added the latest just this week.


Head iC180 177cm

Atomic Slim Daddy 175cm

Atomic Metron 9 171cm

Head iPeak 84 PRO 177cm  (the newest addition)


My philosophy is probably different than for many others.  I bought the iC180s and Slim Daddies on eBay, each for $80.  They were new, unused, but about 2-3 years old at the time.  I mounted the bindings myself.  The iC180 is a great groomer/cruiser and the Slim Daddy has been a good beginner-for-off-piste ski for me.  I'm moving back to the East Coast this summer, after two years near the Alps in southern Germany.


The Metrons and iPeaks I bought as end-of-season sales. Head is discontinuing the Peak line, so was able to get a great deal ($460) for the iPeak 84s, complete with bindings.


For all my ski purchases I do my research and buy deeply discounted.  If I ski them for a season and hate them, I'll sell them the next season at a ski swap, and not be out a bunch of  money.  I have yet to do that.  I've never been able to make it to the demo-days, and even if I did, I doubt I would like being limited to just the brands the local shop happens to sell, and then possibly be hounded by the sales rep to make a purchase, after a few runs.


Buying discounted I can ski the ski all season in varying conditions, take it with me out West,  etc., and see how I like it.  I went with the iPeaks  because I wanted 80+mm underfoot, liked what I read in various reviews (to include here on Epicski), and have liked Heads in the past.


Can't wait for next season  



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Haven't got time to count, but somewhere between 15 and 20 pair probably.

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Between the Atomicboys, Atomicgirl and me:


I believe we are down to 23 pair,


My current personal quiver:


179cm Atomic D2 Gs RACE NON-FIS


175cm HEAD Monster 88

177 Head Supershape Speed

166cm Head i. SL RD

209cm Atomic Super G

180cm Atomic R11 Beat-Puls


Atomicgirl:  1 pair 160cm Atomic C9 Puls



the other 15 pair are split between my two morons! And I say that affectionately!

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Originally Posted by Atomicman View Post



 23 pair,


aka 1.32 deciSmashes (dRS).     I think 2 centiSmashes is the average quiver size on here.

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I have 5 (five) pair.


Kästle RX National Team Super-G 208 cm with all-metal Tyrolia 490 bindings - because I feel the need, the need for speeddevil.gif

(I found the 215 cm ones to be too much work in moguls back when I bought these (back when my fighting weight was under 140 lbs).


Fischer WC SC 165 cm  with FR12 bindings - because short turns are fun too, and I got a great deal from a shop about to go under.ski.gif


Volant  Machete G 190 cm with Tyrolia FF17+ bindings - because I wanted something in between, and these were on sale in the left-over bin.

These turned out to be great crud-busters, and a pretty decent "in-between" ski on all but ice, and a good enough deep snow ski for me (despite their skinny waist; it pays to weigh only 150 lbs).


Völkl P50 F1 188 cm  with Marker Comp 16 bindings  - I got these because I couldn't put a big side angle on the Volants, and I wanted more ice grip for my "in-between" ski.

I actually found these to be nice enough in moguls and trees with their softer flex, that I decided to leave the base and edge at 1-2 anyways.  They are a little softer than the Volants and are hence a little more compliant in bumps (and bumpy trees).  Strangely enough the Volant's are easier to ski, and safer for me at somewhat higher speeds (note the "somewhat", neither is a super-g ski).  These Völks will make great high speed GS turns, but in doing so, they make you think you would be able to suddenly, say, hang a hard right, and then they would fold up on you or not grip when you try it, where as the Volants won't fold up on you if you do something reckless like that.  It's easy enough to know better when skiing the SCs, but it's easy to forget that the P50s won't put up with unreasonable demands. 


Dynastar GS 180 cm from long long ago (late 60s or early 70s) with Solomon 202 bindings- for nostalgic reasons. They were the first brand new skis I ever bought.  I just can't seem to part with them.  I don't know why that is th_dunno-1[1].gif.


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I consider myself a mountain master who loves skiing all over the mountain and have a preference for a good all mountain ski.  I live and ski in the east and get 1 or 2 weeks out west a year.  About 5 seasons ago I was introduced to racing and now race in an adult league which of course requires race skis.  So with all of that being said, this is my current quiver:


Rossi Experience 98 180 w/ Marker Griffon Schizo binding - My western all mountain ski for big lines on big hills!

Volkl AC30 w/ Wide Ride Maker binding system170 - My eastern all mountain ski.  It can handle just about anything I throw at it without complaint.  One of my all time favorite skis! I didn't ski it nearly enough this season.

Volkl Racetiger Speedwall GS  175 w/ Marker Motion binding system - My GS race ski and front side bomber.

Blizzard SLR Race Mag 160 w/ Marker IQ binding system - My Slalom race ski and short turn specialist.  Also rocks in bumps!


Rick G

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