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Skiing Copper Today

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Well I'll see how Copper is holding up today (afternoonish). Haven't skied it before... thought I'd give it a try.

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looked decent, all things considered, when I drove by it on Sunday.  The north facers in the front side look to be holding up ok, but it may take a bit of time to soften today as it seemed a bit cooler this a.m. than it has been.  With that said, prime time recently has been somewhat on the early side as it has been getting warm quickly with overnights barely below freezing at the lower altitudes.  


Enjoy and please post back as I have a friend coming in this weekend with a Copper pass.

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Have fun ... on Tuesday, the snow on the east side took longer to soften than the snow on the west side. Timberline lift is probably skiing pretty well, then later afternoon go over to Super Bee and Excelerator. (Both Monday and Tuesday were a bit different, though, so it's hard to say...)

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Thanks for the suggestions, appreciate it!

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Copper was pretty good today.  It was colder than I thought it'd be and I acutally had to put my coat back on after trying skiing without it and my first run down the Bittersweet lived up to it's name.  I thought it looked like a nice easy cruiser warm  up run but it was quite icy (eastern style).  It softened up later as Seg mentioned above as did most of the runs.  I headed to Timberline per Seg's advice and it was great.  I was skiing the bumps under in the Timberline chair on Little Burn and they had softened up nicely by the time I got there so alternated runs in the bumps with checking out the other runs by the Timberline chair. The snow coverage was pretty good.  At 2 I headed over to Superbee oh and went up Rendezvous to get some photos.  I didn't have time to ski it all today, I only had 3.5 hours when i got there. But what i skied was holding up, with just a few thin spots I had to be careful on.  I-drooper I took on the cross over a few times and the bumps were nice and soft but it was thinning out.  The top  was a little thin, you'll see in a few pictures and maybe won't hold up for the weekend but the rest looked to me like it should.


Center Village


Little Burn under Timberline Chair.




Looking up at Sierra, the area that is thinning but was still open today.



I think this was looking over from Rendezvous chair.




General coverage on most runs other then the very top.




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very nice pictures!!!

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