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Shogun 164 too short?

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Looking at a pair of Salomon Shoguns 164 cm

I'm 5'6'' and weigh 127 lbs.

I am an expert, lots of off piste and back country stuff in California and BC.

Should I look at the 173 instead?  I demo'ed the 164's and liked them a lot

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Well since you demoed the 164 you should know, are they too short for you? Would you want longer? Or was 164 good for you.


Obviously with the longer length you're going to lose some of the quickness and maneuverability that you had in the shorter length. But you'll gain some in stability and float.

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I would go demo the 173 if possible. If that is not possible, you should probably get the 173, as you state you're an expert skier. it's better to have a ski to grow into, than finding out your ski is to short and is limiting your performance.

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