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Jackson Hole Steep & Deep Camp, Feb 2012

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Just a thread starter -- I don't have time just now to write a good trip report, and Ave (who skied with me there) doesn't have enough posts to start a thread.


Hopefully, Ave will post here, and I can fill in with my report in a few days.

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you are such a tease 

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Almost out of popcorn.

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Axl says he is nearby and the show will start soon.

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Two quick photos --


1)  It snowed.   A lot.



2)  Chute lesson - if you see rocks, there are probably more under the snow.  Stay near the middle.

Successful recovery of skis lost under a couple of feet of powder:








More later..


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Steep and Deep Camp at Jackson Hole (JH) February29 – March 3 2012.

For those of you not familiar with the camp, here is the link to what JH has to say about it.


2/29 Day 1, the Ski Off. We loaded the Tram at around 8:20 and waited at the summit for the mountain to open. This was repeated all four days.  I had some apprehension as to my ability level compared to the other skiers in the camp, as I suppose most of us did. My memory has already faded for a lot of details, so hopefully mdf can help fill in the blanks.   

Skier bio: I’m from Maine and  57 years old. I have been skiing around 30 days a year for the last 5 years or so. Have skied on and off since a kid. I usually ski at Sunday River due to its proximity to Portland. I also ski Sugarloaf and Saddleback with a few trips to other areas in the east. I can handle most on trail terrain and am working on my comfort level in the trees.

It was snowing as we headed down Rendezvous Bowl to Cheyenne Bowl where the ski off took place. We skied down the bowl and the coaches directed us to the groups we would be in. From there we formed sub groups based on our perceived fitness level. My group consisted of four skiers. Myself (aveski200 or Ave), Mike (mdf) Deborah and Doug. Our coach/ guide was Mike C. After we gathered the group and introduced ourselves, we skied. I’ll refer to Mike as our coach.  I’m still not sure where we skied most of the day. Mike set a rather frenetic pace. Each day we skied one particular chute that narrowed down to a place you just had to let it go. The first day I was somewhat apprehensive going through the chokepoint. The others were also. By day four we all nailed it. Of course we all knew what was on the other side. We worked on some technique. Smearing, an unknown word in the eastJ, helped immensely in the deep soft snow at JH, especially in the trees.

Day 2: Still snowing, probably a foot or so had accumulated. The first run of each day, after  Rendezvous Bowl went through the trees by Wally World. Thursday was also video day. Once again, I’m not really sure where we were skiing, but the snow was deep and terrain steep. It was a lot of fun. I was also becoming more comfortable skiing in the trees. Lunch each day was upstairs at the Bridger Center and was much better than my usual brown bagging it. We skied the South Hoback and by that point my legs were letting me know I really should have worked our more before the trip.

Day 3: When I got out of bed, my legs were toasted. I was kind of bummed, but new I wouldn’t be able to keep up in the morning. I missed out on the hike up to ski Casper Bowl, with about two feet of snow in it. Friday was also ski out of bounds day. I passed on that also, because I didn’t want to hold up the others. In the morning I skied alone. I took a couple of runs down Sublette Ridge. It’s a pretty open area that had no one else skiing it. I then joined the others for lunch. Deborah and Doug were going to do the out of bounds experience with a guide. Mdf decided he was kind of tired, so we skied the afternoon with Mike. We skied the Moran Woods and also Saratoga Bowl. The skiing was a lot of fun and helped me to recover.


Day 4: The goods. It snowed another 10 inches overnight. Our first four runs were the Alta chutes. We hit Tower Three chute and some others.

I will post some more, but have run out of time tonight.





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